Tuesday, 30 June 2020

June Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊


Supergirl S5 8/10

The A Word S3 8/10

We Hunt Together 9/10

Magnum PI S1 & S2 9/10

Lincoln Rhyme Hunt For The Bone Collector 8/10

Killer Camp 7/10


Dinnerladies 10/10

Vicar of Dibley 9/10

Ugly Dolls 7/10

The Order S2 8/10

The Society 9/10


ACNH 9/10

The Outer Worlds 9/10
One of the best games I've ever played, I ended up playing it twice and will start it again on hard mode next time. Hope they bring out a DLC for the planets that you don't get to go too. 

Summer in Mara 7/10


BlackPink - How you like that

Lady Gaga - Chromatica Album

What have been your favourites this month?

Dates to remember in July:

1st - Celeb Masterchef S15 - BBC1
2nd - Warrior Nun - Netflix
9th - FBI S2 - Sky Witness
9th - Roswell New Mexico S2 - ITV2
13th - Miracle Workers S2 - Sky Comedy
17th - Cursed - Netflix
31st - Umbrella Academy S2 - Netflix

Til next time, 

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off yahoo and videos from youtube. 

Sunday, 31 May 2020

May Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
This month has been another blur, just been watching stuff and playing games mostly.


Friday Night Dinner S6 8/10

Law and Order SVU S21 8/10

Buddy V Duff S2 9/10
This was the first time seeing this and as a huge Duff fan anyway, this was amazing. 

Van Der Valk 7/10

Modern Family S11 7/10
Sad to see it ending but I think its the right time to do so.

Hawaii Five-0 S10 9/10
Another show that ended this month, I can definitely see it coming back sometime in the future.


Into The Night 9/10
I binged watched this in 1 day and OMG I was hooked, the dubbing is bad but its so gripping. 

Night Hunter 7/10
Story line was a bit messy but I enjoyed it.

Breaking In 8/10


Animal Crossing New Horizons 10/10

Forgotton Anne 9/10
Another demo I downloaded that I liked so much, I bought the actual game. It's so addictive, there's puzzles and mysteries in it. You have a lot of freedom with this game too. 


Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande - Rain on me 

What have been your favourites this month?

Dates to remember in June:

5th - 7th Blog Anniversary
6th - The Outer Worlds Game - Switch
7th - MacGyver S4 - Sky1
7th - Swat S3 - Sky1
11th - LA's Finest S2 - Fox
16th - Spides - Syfy
18th - The Order S2 - Netflix
24th - APB - Fox

Til next time, 

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off yahoo and video from youtube. 

Thursday, 30 April 2020

April Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
Hope you are all well and staying safe. I haven't really watched much this month, been playing my games a lot.


Criminal Minds S15 8/10
Sad to see that its ended but it just feels like the right time to do so.

Spring Baking Championship S5 9/10
Me and my sister love watching this show together. 


After Life S2 8/10
Ricky Gervais has done it again, hard hitting and emotional and funny all at the same time, and yes, i cried. 


Secret Life of Pets 2 7/10
Story line was crap but the film itself was hilarious. 

Godzilla King of the Monsters 9/10
I loved the first film, so when this appeared, I had to watch it. Now, don't get me wrong, the film itself is good but the story line was missing something. Hopefully the sort it for the third installment.

Spider-man Far From Home 9/10
Love a good marvel film and this didn't disappoint. Also Tom Holland has to be my favourite spider-man ever. 

Men in Black International 7/10
I have loved this film series since it started, I was hesitant to watch this but I overall liked it. And having a woman like Tessa Thompson on the front of this was exciting. 

Detective Pikachu 10/10
Hadn't seen this since I went the cinema to watch it and finally my mum saw it and loved it, I will be watching it a few more times. 


Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories 8/10
Never of heard of this game til the demo appeared on the eshop. I liked the look of it, was so invested in the demo and then it stopped. When the game released this month, I bought it and omg I was sucked straight in. I couldn't stop playing it. I wish some parts of it were better but for a re-release of a game that was previously on the PlayStation, I was very impressed. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons 10/10
To be honest, this game is going to be in my favourites post all year. Such an amazing game and I love playing it daily. 


Dua Lipa Album 9/10

What have been your favourites this month?

Dates to remember in May:

1st - Hollywood - Netflix
7th - Brassic S2 - Sky1
7th - Harley Quinn - E4
19th - 9-1-1 S3 - Sky Witness
25th - Snowpiercer - Netflix
29th - Space Force - Netflix 

Til next time, 

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off yahoo and video from youtube.

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

March Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
I hope you are all well in this difficult time. Perfect time to catch up on all those programs you've missed, games you haven't played in a while and tasks you've been putting off. Be clean, be safe and self isolate.


Doctor Who S12 9/10

New Amsterdam 9/10
If you like greys, then you'll love this.

Blood & Treasure 8/10

Dancing on ice 2020 10/10

Death in paradise S9 8/10
We've had a change mid season but I love Ralf Little, and I think he'll do a good job. 

Neighbours Late: Endgame 10/10
I've watched neighbours since I was in school, missed a few seasons when I was a teen but then got back into it and omg its the best soap around. And having 5 late shows was perfect. Can't wait to see it progress. 

Avenue 5 7/10

Ready Steady Cook Reboot 9/10
Another show I used to watch after school and Rylan has done a great job at this reboot, he's hilarious and I love the chefs. 

SU2C Bake Off 2020 10/10
Celebs can get away with more stupidity than anyone. Sad to see that this is Sandi's last season but I cant wait for Matt Lucas to join. 


My Neighbour Totoro 10/10
Such a wholesome and innocent film. This was the first Studio Ghibli film I saw and instantly fell in love with totoro. 

Flavors of Youth 9/10


Zelda Breath of the wild 9/10
I finally defeated ganon but I wish the game had ended differently. I did purchase the expansion packs so I have them to do. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons 10/10
Omg this game is amazing, it's already been a week since I started playing and I love it. Makes me happy. This is me btw. 


Demi Lovato - I love me

Katy Perry - Never worn white

Taylor Swift - The man 

Dua Lipa - Break my heart 

Ava Max - Kings and Queens 

What have been your favourites this month?

Dates to remember in April: 

1st - Greys Anatomy S16 - Sky Witness
2nd - Legends of tomorrow S5 - Sky1
9th - Red Dwarf special - Dave
15th - Run - Sky Comedy
20th - Emergence - Fox
24th - Afterlife S2 - Netflix

Til next time, 

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off yahoo and videos from youtube.