Monday, 29 February 2016

Just A Little Haul

Hello Everyone

This is my first time blogging on my mums tiny notebook, I've tried my best to boot its speed but its very slow, hopefully I can get this post done properly.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and sister, we started off going to frankie & bennys for breakfast, it was very yummy and filling. Afterwards we started off in superdrug, I only got face wipes and shampoo but I did spray some perfume on myself and instantly fell in love with it, unfortunately I didn't have £35!
After that we went the range (my favourite place) and of course I got some crafty bits =]

We also popped into pets@home and saw some really cute degus, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

On our way home, we decided to pop into inspirations, I got these:

 Each sheet was 99p.

 Bargain 99p!

I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. 

I've put it to good use and it now holds my journalling cards and looks so cute on my desk =]

I very much enjoyed today. 

Small update: I'm still going with my diet, loving my almond milk with my shake powder and cereal. Ain't weighed myself yet, as I haven't done any exercise besides going to the shop on the odd occasion. Also, these past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing the worst toothache ever, so fingers crossed I can get an appointment today and get that sorted. 

What have you been loving recently?

Love, Emma xxx

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Hello Everyone =]

I know I've been a but quiet recently, if you follow me on Twitter than you will know that my laptop has died again. This time I don't think its going to come back so I'm currently using my mums notebook that I fixed and waiting on a laptop off my dad to replace mine. I'm unsure whether I will be getting my laptop fixed, it all depends on how much its going to cost me.
I am always on twitter so you can follow me here

Hopefully I will have something to write about soon.

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day - Autism & Love

Hello Everyone =]

As you can tell by the title, this valentines post will be about autism - love and relationships.
To be honest, if you follow me on twitter, you will know that I have been having trouble writing this, so bear with me if its all jumbled haha.

To start off with this subject, I'm going to talk about the myths and facts (these are my own opinions and experiences, it is different for everyone, but I'm sharing with you on what I feel)

1) Myth - People with autism have no empathy?
    Fact - Wrong, we do have empathy, we just find it hard in expressing it but we do love and have full concern over anyone.

2) Myth - People with autism are anti-social?
    Fact - Not all of us are, I choose to be anti-social for my own time by myself. Shyness also comes into this and we are so afraid of upsetting or offending anyone.

3) Myth - People with autism will never find romance?
    Fact - We do, and in our own way, it just takes time.

Sometimes this can happen: "I don't want to do anything, I don't want to talk, I don't want to cuddle, I don't want to be near you, I need to be alone". But we still care and love you!

The points I'm going to make now are based on circumstances that may happen and how to approach it:

1) Hugging can feel claustrophobic - With time it will happen or like me, you could ask.

2) Communicating loving words may not feel natural - I rarely say it, but it doesn't mean I've stopped, the only way for me to express love is through writing it down or buying gifts that I know they will love.

3) Highly sensitive - We may take things you say literally and become hurt over jokey behaviour or innocent comments. We can be offended easily and become upset or emotion about things that may seem trivial.

4) Higher empathy - We feel things for others as though we are experiencing it ourselves - example: I always felt I had to protect people, friends, family, anyone, rather than looking after myself.

5) Eye contact - I can hold contact but not for long, we feel intrusive.

6) Heightened sensory perception - Bright lights, loud music, different temperatures, touching e.g. holding hands.

7) Meltdowns - I experience panic attacks, crying, shouting, throwing things.

This next section is some random things that I have experienced:

Falling in love too soon can become an obsession - including obsessive texting/calling.

Even though I need reassurance and comfort, I will back away when I need too and I can be quite cold about it.

Would rather stick to the same routine all the time, my last relationship, consisted of me, always wanting to lie in bed all day and do nothing.

Rejected for inappropriate behaviour - I think with me, because I started puberty at 9 years of age that I became more sexually aware and thought it was "normal" to chase girls around the playground pulling up their skirts and kicking boys in genitals.

Social withdrawal, fear, confusion about our bodies, mutism, awkwardness, ticks, lack of reciprocal conversation skills, embarrassment - these can all limit us to the person we choose.

Neglect our appearance - I have gone so many times with not brushing my hair, just washing it then tying it back and I don't wear make up either.

Not realising we are being treated badly and we can be easy to manipulate - this has happened to me all my life, because I thought everyone did it.

Emotional naivete - Walt disney view of romance, unrealistic pictures of relationships get us hurt. I thought I would end up all loved up in this perfect world where nothing goes wrong, unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Sometimes scared of physical touch - I rarely hug someone, unless I'm upset then its usually my mum.

Act, feel, often appear younger than our age - I have a face of a 40 year old yet on the inside I feel 12, and sometimes it will show.

We change ourselves to be accepted and mimic the kind of girl you want us to be - I have done this and it never works they way you want it too, you always come around as fake.

First sexual encounter with someone can make me love you. I've never had a one night stand, I wouldn't want to get attached to someone who didn't want me in return.

Perceived to be cold natured, self-centred and unfriendly - I have lost people I care about because of these traits.

Doesn't go out much - This only effects me now, not much when I was a teenager as I had friends that I wanted to see and hang out with.

May choose to remain celibate or alone.

Often prefers the company of animals - I do love my cats, but they do get on my nerves haha.

I chose 2 examples from my life =

1) You can tell me I'm beautiful and pretty but I wouldn't believe you.
2) Becoming obsessed with someone from school, stealing a picture of him off the school computers because I liked him and wanted to be with him.

What I want: He needs to be confident, have a sense of humour, a little bit more intelligent than me, and very understanding of all the issues I have, can show sensitivity in his reactions to routines and obsessive behaviour.

Not every autistic person is alike!

I hope I did this post proud, any comments would be much appreciated =]

Happy Valentines Day Everyone.

Love, Emma xxx

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I'm Back

Hello Everyone =] 

OMG I'm so happy that my laptop has come back to life, fingers crossed it doesn't decide to die on me again, that was the longest 2 days I've ever experienced. Even though I have my phone and my kindle, I just prefer to type properly on a keyboard so my laptop means everything to me. 
And what better way to come back than with a haul and an update. 

Here are a couple of crafty bits I have purchased recently:
 I got this box of cuteness from CloudyCow

 I got these from The Range.

And these two items were from Hobbycraft

I purchased these items off Seven Hills Crafts

I also tried out the newtons nook cat stamps and used my zig clean color real brush pens on it =]
Isn't it cute?

Recently I have been trying out my watercolour pens, at the moment, I'm doing it without the water and just blending them on the card, here are a few more samples of what I've been doing:

I'm hoping to eventually put them on cards, what do you think? 

Right, time for an update on my diet. 
I'm on my third week and the end of last week, I weighed myself and I've managed to lose 5 pounds! I don't know how as I haven't done any exercise at all. But I have been sticking to my slim fast banana shakes and snacks and eating healthy dinners =] 
Hopefully the weather starts to get drier and warmer so I can start going out because at the moment, it isn't very pleasant. 

Woo =] 

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Taking A Short Break

Hello Everyone 

Never blogged on my kindle before, I'm writing this post to inform you all that my laptop has decided to die so there won't be any posts and I don't know how long that will be either. I'm so devastated! I just want to cry, luckily I back up everything but still, I'm sad. 
I will probably keeping you up to date on Twitter so follow me there.

Love, Emma xxx

Woodland Adventure Scrapbooking Kit Review

Hello Everyone =]

I'm here today, to show this adorable woodland scrapbooking kit made by Jennifer, you can purchase this kit on her etsy here
This is what the full kit looks like.

Great quality of paper and the designs are adorable. 

 Animal stickers, heart buttons and wool.
Just peel the back off, and stick down, very cute and flexible enough without breakage. 

I used this kit in my scrapbook and came up with this:
 I folded the paper to make it fit in my book
I also braided the wool =]
I used one of the heart shaped buttons as the birds wing, so much love on one page. 

This kit is great for fall/autumn or I've used it as a Valentines themed page. 

The price of this kit is £14.18! Bargain for the quality of stuff you get =] 

Can't get over how cute it is. 

Don't forget to head over to Twitter to follow Jennifer =] 

Would love to know if you purchase this? 

Love, Emma xxx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Throwback Tag

Hello Everyone =] 

1. What year were you born in? 1990
2. Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? Yes, I have a few. 
3. What TV shows did you watch growing up? A lot, you can find a list on a post I did ages a go link
4. What did you want to be when you grew up? I've always wanted to work with animals.
5. Show a video of yourself when you were younger? No videos, no one cared to take videos when I was growing up, it was more about living it than recording it.
6. What were your favourite toys? Barbie has to be my favourite.
7. What's the most embarrassing thing you can remember doing? Funnily enough, I cant remember my childhood so I wouldn't be able to tell you. 
8. Read something you wrote when you were in nursery? I don't have anything.
9. Three songs you used to listen to as a child? Deeper shade of blue by Steps, It's gonna be me by Nsync and Lucky by Britney Spears.
10. What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween? Never did it as a child.
11. Tell a funny story of something you remember happening when you were young? I'm 25, how am I meant to remember haha.
12. Are there any special things you've kept from when you were a child? Some teddies, beanie babies, barbies, my baby blanket and baby bracelet.
13. What was something weird you used to do as a child? Apparently I did a lot of weird stuff.
14. What's the scariest thing you remember happened to you as a child? Slipping in a swimming pool and going under the water and choked.
15. How is the world different now? It's far too different now, it's a very scary place and technology has boomed and changed people far too much. 

Some picture's of me as a child =] 
 I'm the little blonde one, what am I wearing haha 

 My dad, my sister and me.

 Me and my sister.

I'm the one in the pink =]

I tag everyone! 

I was so innocent (well in pictures anyway) haha =]

Love, Emma xxx

Monday, 1 February 2016

New Month Update

Hello Everyone =]

January has been a blur for me, but kind of shocked that were in February already.

It's been about a week since I started my diet, its going okay, I've been enjoying my slim fast shakes and snacks and trying to have proper healthy meals. Bit of tmi for you, been a bit windy and ill the past few days, probably all the good stuff going into my body haha Haven't started exercising yet, have a couple of YouTube videos to follow for that and I finally own a sports bra, so no boob bounces when i do anything haha =]

I tried sweet potato the other day, it was rather nice, I mashed mine and had it with chicken, wasn't very filling but I know to add more in the future. I'm also thinking of changing my milk as well, either to almond or skimmed, depends which one I like best, I'm rather picky.

The only naughty things I'm drinking is my latte (only 1 a day) and a few cups of tea (I cant go without tea, its a British thing).

As I said, last month was a blur, so this month i need to make some cards so I can finally make some money of my own.
I have also been trying out my watercolour pens, I can use them on their own but with water its a bit tricky, but eventually I will get there =]

This month we have pancake day! WOOP! And my sisters birthday! And a few programs coming back like the walking dead! OMG I cant wait, exciting stuff!

Are you excited for anything this month?

Love, Emma xxx