Saturday, 30 November 2013

30/11/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

It's been a while but i finally painted my nails and i love them, unfortunately the picture doesn't do justice because the colour is darker in person.

I think there really nice for these cold days =]

Cant believe its December tomorrow =] so close to Christmas, I'm going Christmas shopping on Thursday and i cant wait =]

Also my mum bought me my advent calendar =]

Nearly everyone i know has put there Christmas decorations up and we haven't yet and I'm so jealous. Were hoping the decorations can go up on the 12th, if we get the back-room finished first.

Well, my 31 days of December thing (haha aint thought of a name yet, suggestions would be helpful) starts tomorrow, so to remind you that's 5 pictures or less il be taking throughout December =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Monday, 25 November 2013

25/11/13 =]

Hello Everyone =]

I'm so happy that my mum has bought sky movies for over Christmas time =] which means I can watch all the movies I like, I got to watch tinkerbell and the secret of the wings last night, I do enjoy that film =] I cant wait to watch films ive never seen before.

Also, im not with my work programme anymore, my two years are over, woo =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Friday, 22 November 2013

22/11/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Unfortunately, i have decided to quit college, i was struggling too much with the work as there was too much to do in such so little time, and I've been off a lot due to lack of money so i thought it would be best to leave. I will miss being there and the people but i have no confidence any more. I'm still going to be doing nails and try to build my confidence up, my tutor mentioned going on a course to help with that, so I've got an appointment next week to talk to someone about that. Maybe if i feel better, i can go back next year and do my level 3 in nails again, I'm just not in the right mind set now and to be honest, i need to breathe. I need to get my head together, I've been so emotional lately, always crying, i just cant do it any more.

Getting excited for Christmas, were only 32 days away and to be honest, i cant wait to design my own Christmas nails and wear them =]

My nails are longer now =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

19/11/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

I had a lovely autumnal walk to the shops yesterday and decided to take pictures of this tree i saw =]

It's so nice seeing all the colours blend together, i just love autumn =] it's finally sweater weather!

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Monday, 18 November 2013

18/11/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Just want to update you all about what's been going on.

About two weeks ago, i wanted to quit college because the stress was getting to me, then i was persuaded to stay but have the extra help i need, still stressed over it though. But there is an assessment coming up soon that i want to do, its called photographic nails and the themes are Halloween, eid and bonfire night, all we have to do is choose a theme, plan, do the nails designs and take the picture and I've got a great idea but its a secret =] so you wont find out til i post the pictures on here.

Other than that, nothing else has been happening. I did go to my nan's yesterday for a roast, it was lovely as per usual and for pudding, we had cake and custard =] Nom! my grandad makes the best custard ever.

I've seen a lot of Christmas adverts lately and its getting me really excited. I cant wait for Christmas this year but I'm a bit scared of what Sheldon might do to the tree once he sees it as its his first Christmas and he's very playful.

Will be doing my Christmas shopping on the first week of December, unsure what to get people as i have to be cheap this year but I'm sure ill find nice gifts.

There's only 36 days til Christmas and i wish i could get the decorations out now but my mum wont let me haha.

I will be doing the 31 days of December pictures tag so I'm looking forward to doing that as well =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

07/11/2013 =] Sweater Weather Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

(Omg! Bella came home by herself on Monday, were all so happy and now keeping her in so nothing like that happens again.)

I'm here today to do the sweater weather tag, which i found when i watched This. I love this vlogger, she is amazing and i know you all enjoy reading tags, so lets get to it =] 


1. Favourite candle scent? Spiced apple and cinnamon.

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Has to be tea, i can drink so much in one day, and I'm not fussy on types of tea either so its nice sometimes to go from weak to strong and not be bothered.

3. What's the best fall memory you have? I cant remember when it was but i was young, i was at the local woods with my sister and dad and we played football, its a nice memory because i know it wont happen again but its the best memory I've got with my dad. 

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? Well, you all know i dont really wear make up so if i were to wear one of them it would be dark lips, I'm loving plum colours right now.

5. Best fragrance for fall? I'm really loving the berry frost room spray from glade, its so chrismassy =]

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food? We don't celebrate this in the UK but i would love a plate full of turkey and stuffing smothered in gravy.

7. What is autumn weather like where you live? Its cold here, the leaves are turning orange and red and its been raining a lot this past week, but that's normal weather for the UK.

8. Most worn sweater? It has to be my grey sweater with rhinestones on the shoulders, its so soft and I've even taken to wearing it in bed because its not thick but really comfortable.

9. Must-have nail polish this fall? This fall, il be wearing plum and dark red colours. Unsure on the brands yet but I'm sure il share that with you in a different post.

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles? It has to be jumping in leaf piles, you don't get many round here but when you do, it has to be done =]

11. Skinny jeans or leggings? Black leggings, they go with everything.

12. Combat boots or Uggs? I wear something similar to uggs, just fluffier and dont have the brand name but there perfect for this weather, as i have two different pairs, there's my brown ones which are for outside and then my fluffy ones for inside.

13. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Unsure what this is about, so lets move on.

14. Favorite fall TV show? A new show on lifetime tv has started here and its called Witches of east end, I watched the first episode today and there's a lot to take in but it feels like its going to be a good one.

15. What song really gets you into the fall spirit? I know its november but it has to be the Christmas coca cola advert - Holidays are coming. I love listening to it every year and you know your getting close to Christmas when that starts to play.

Hope you enjoyed this post =] 

There are only 47 days left til Christmas and I'm still freaking out on what to get presents wise. But im sure il think of something. 

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

02/11/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

It's finally November, only 52 days left til Christmas =]

My nails are finally at a decent length and I'm loving them, probably wont be able to keep them long though, as in college, we have to practice on each other and unfortunately your not allowed long nails, which is quite annoying and a bit unfair. But as there long now, i may as well take advantage of them =]

Look how shiny they are, i buffed them before =]

Nothing much has been going on, we know where Bella is, so tomorrow, we are going to get her then keep her in as long as possible so she doesn't run away again.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx
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