Monday, 30 March 2015

The Spring Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

Saw this tag on Belle Chaton and I thought as it's spring, I may as well do it =]


1) What are you looking forward to the most in spring? Going out more in the warm weather and seeing everything turn green.

2) Favourite thing about spring? Baby animals, Easter and flowers.

3) Favourite spring nail polish? Pastels, Pink, Blue and Lilac.

4) Favourite spring lip product? Probably just a pale pink lip gloss as I don't wear make up.

5) Favourite spring drink? Anything cold and with ice =]

6) Favourite flower? Daisy, Dahlia, Daffodils, Tulips, Cherry Blossom, and Buddleja. 

7) Favourite spring candle? Vanilla or something flowery.

8) Favourite perfume to wear in spring? Anything flowery. 

9) What are your favourite clothing items to wear in spring? Crop pants, vest tops, anything floral =]

10) Any plans for spring break or upcoming vacations? I'm hoping to go out more to public parks and I'm also going to Brynteg next month.

Hope you like this tag =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Haul =]

Hello Everyone =]

Last nights sleep on my new mattress was amazing, I slept from 9.30pm to 4.30am haha Longest sleep I've ever had =] But it's a memory foam mattress and It's really high haha but I've never had such a perfect sleep in my whole life!

It arrived yesterday at 12pm and I asked the men if they could put it on my base and they just left it leaning on my wall, and because I hadn't of slept on the couch because it was so damn uncomfortable, I just wanted to get into bed, so I moved it myself and OMG that was the heaviest thing I have ever moved by myself haha =]

Look at that thickness haha 

So really this post is about my haul from Hobbycraft part 2, as I bought more stuff online that I couldn't get in the shop when i was there at the weekend =] 

These is made of plastic and so handy to have to hold all my stuff plus it was only £5!!!!!

 Cards and envelopes =]

 15 stamps with a black ink pad =]

 Tatty Teddy Glittered Stickers =]

 Foam Heart Stickers =]

 Paris Glittered Stickers =]

 Stickers =]

Washi Tape =]

Hope you like what I bought, you will find everything on Hobbycraft =]

Also my mum has gone to London for 3 days to visit family and as my sister is working this weekend, I'm sure I wont be too bored haha =] 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Thank You =]

Hello Everyone =]

Oh, WOW! My overall page views have reached 20,000 and I'm so grateful to every single one of you that view my blog!

Ahhhh!!!!! I'm so happy right now and I will continue to keep you entertained with my posts and my life in general =]

I love all my followers and readers and I really mean that!

Plus, I think its time for an update =]

On Tuesday, I went to a medical centre to be assessed for autism, me and my mum were spoken to separately so the doctors could understand my life from both views. I've got a 4 week wait to find out if I have autism or not.

Sleeping has gotten more and more painful, but luckily my new mattress will be arriving on Friday and I cant wait to have a good and comfy sleep for once.

Today, I am going back to the dentist to have sedation again, I'm nervous and scared but I know its just a consult today.

I am truly amazed that my blog has gotten this far, there have been so many times where I've wanted to quit and give up but my readers have made me continue, I feel worthy of writing things down for people to read and comment.

Thank you again and don't forget to follow and comment =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hobbycraft Haul =]

Hello Everyone =]

Yesterday, I went to hobbycraft for the first time with my mum and I got a couple of bits, we were in there for ages, I loved it so much =]

Here's what I bought:


 Cat Hole Punch 


 Magazine with Free Pegs 


 Glue Gun and Glue Sticks 

 Washi Tape


I also signed up to there club card =] and I cant wait to go back in the summer. 

Afterwards, me and my mum went to Costa to get some lunch.

I had a mango and passion fruit cooler and a ham and cheese panini =]

After that we took a trip to dreams beds, as my mattress is broken, there mattresses were too expensive and they wanted £40 for delivery, which I think is a rip off. So, instead we went to a small place behind the retail park and I managed to get a memory foam mattress for £190 plus free delivery and It will be delivered next Friday =] 
I've got a week to tidy my room and get my old mattress outside (that's going to be fun) haha.

Hope you like this post and my purchases =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Recent Purchases =]

Hello Everyone =]

Who doesn't love buying things when they get paid? I know I do haha

This is what I bought off Amazon =]

 6 sheets of stickers for my diary =]

 Basically a book to make lists in =] 

 Obviously to help me with blog posts as I constantly have bloggers block haha =]

A self help book for my depression =]

Hope you like this post =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Little Box =]

Hello Everyone =]

As a stop smoking gift to myself, I signed up to a monthly subscription box at my little box, this box cost me £14.95 which is a bargain =]

The March box is My Little Superbox!

Cutest first box ever =]

Magazine =]

Stickers =]

 Conditioner =]

Hand and Nail Cream =]

Lip and Cheek Tint =]

T-shirt =]

I love this box and I can't wait for more and you'll be seeing them as well =]

Hope you like this post.

Will write soon, Emma xxx

Sunday, 15 March 2015

10 Thing's I Would Tell My Younger Self =]

Hello Everyone =]

I have seen a lot of bloggers do this so I've decided to join in.

10 things I would tell my younger self.....

1) School - Don't be afraid of school. You will be judged for trying to be yourself but it wont matter once you leave. The bullies disappear when you leave and you will never see them again. Ignore the crap you get and just get on with your classes, you need good qualifications otherwise your going to struggle. And yes it will take you 9 years to quit smoking, but you've got peer pressure to blame for that.

2) Confidence - Your life is going to be hard at times but don't let people knock your confidence, you will become stronger when you start college and make new friends. But don't forget to be you and try and not be hard on yourself too much, everyone learns from there mistakes and you will learn from yours.

3) Be more creative - You will start to love crafts more and more as you get older, so its best to start now. Plus keep going with the nail art because it can help you later in life, to do something you never thought you could.

4) Family - Spend more time with your family, it will change more the older you get and it will be messy at times but never forget about your dad, because he still is your dad and even though you miss him, you have to put the effort in.

5) Don't waste your time on useless people - You will have a lot of friends in school, most of them are not worth it. After a couple of years, you wont see them again but those people that did bully you, will eventually talk to you on Facebook and like you for you.

6) Don't be afraid to be you - Yes you are different, yes you can be handful sometimes and yes some people wont know how to handle you but you will love yourself eventually. Don't be scared about telling people that you love watching Barbie films, because to be honest, a lot of people do.

7) Relationships - You will experience some bad relationships but take it as a learning curve, try and not get trapped in an emotional abusive relationship, if you can't handle it, don't go through with it. You don't need a man to be happy. Your better off.

8) Immaturity - Be as immature as you like, it helps with your personality and makes people laugh, you love to make people laugh, it gives you a buzz. Just don't take it too far haha

9) Depression - You will suffer with depression during school but once you leave it will disappear and so will that scar on your leg. You will always suffer from it, but don't be scared, just remember to keep your mind busy and you wont think too much about it.

10) Blogging - It will be the greatest thing you have ever done. You will love your readers and you will love blogging.

Hope you like this post =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sheldon =]

Hello Everyone =]

I think it's time for a Sheldon over load haha =] Plus he's such a pretty boy!

Lets just re-cap at what he looked like when we first got him on the 22nd May 2013!

Now he's a big ball of fluffyness =] and here are some recent pictures of him (these pictures are taken off my phone so some might be a bit crap)

He's my baby bear and I love him so much =]

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Trip To The Garden Centre =]

Hello Everyone =]

We had a change of plan today, yesterday I told you that I was going to the farm, well it rained so we decided to go the garden centre instead =]

They have some really nice stuff, unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me but I did buy some lovely things =]

We also had lunch there as we were hungry, so me and my sister shared a prawn sandwich then we had our own scone =]

It was very nice =]

And this is what I bought from the craft section:

I'm slightly obsessed with stuff like this at the moment, these things are for my diary and journal =]

I also got treats as well =]

 Fudge and Milk Bottles 

I have been looking for lemon marmalade for ages now and finally found some with not a lot of bits in it =]

So, I enjoyed my day out, and I've always loved garden centres.

Do you like garden centres? 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx