Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Favourite's

Hello Everyone =]


The Shannara Chronicles: Series of adventures, war, and evil that occur throughout the history of the Four Lands.

Quantico: A look at the lives of young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist.

Killjoys: In the Quad, a planetary system on the brink of a bloody interplanetary class war, a fun loving trio of bounty hunters attempt to remain impartial as they chase deadly warrants.

Heroes Reborn: A year ago, a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, left the city decimated. Blamed for the tragic event, those with extraordinary abilities are in hiding or on the run from those with nefarious motives.

Greys Anatomy: A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.


Shadowhunters: After her mother is kidnapped, Clary must venture into the dark world of demon hunting in order to find clues that can help her find her mother.

Once Upon A Time: A young woman with a troubled past is drawn to a small town in Maine where fairy tales are to be believed.


Lawn Fawn: 
I love lawn fawn stamps and watching the team create cards =] 


New style boutique 2: Fashion forward: 
Love this game, my mum got it for me for christmas and I've played it every day since. There is a story line to follow but once you finish that, you can carry the game on. 


I have been loving almond milk, especially with my slim fast shake powder and I love it with cereal as well. 


Love Sia, her album is my fave and this song is what I'm currently jamming too.

Shawn Mendes: 
Love this song, not fond of him though but this song makes up for it.

Little Mix:
Who doesn't like Little Mix and Jason Derulo.

What has been your favourite this month?

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Crafts

Hello Everyone =]

For those of you that don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I did some Easter crafts on Friday.

My dad's work colleague bought me some craft bits so I made her a thank you/easter shaker card and I love it =] even though it's only my 3rd attempt, I think this one is the best yet =]

And I also decorated a bonnet for my sister too =]

Hope you like these, I'm pretty happy with both and I'm sure you will see more shaker cards in the future, they are so fun to make =]

Do you have anything planned for today?

Love, Emma xxx

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Lyrics Tag

Hello Everyone =]

I found this tag on Lose The Road. The rules are simple, you can only answer the following questions using lyrics of songs from one band/artist!

Band I Chose: H.I.M

1) Describe how you feel today? From lashes to ashes 
And from lust to dust 
In your sweetest torment 
I am lost 
And we sense the danger 
But don't wanna give up.

2) Describe your best friend? Your pale fingers started to move
And I touched your face
And all life was erased
You smiled like an angel.

3) How many times have you been rejected? Let me never see the sun
And never see you smile
Let us be so dead and so gone
So far away from life.

4) Tell us "the story of your life"? And I've been crying for you
Dying for you all this time.
5) How do you act when you are around someone you like? So my love your laughter is finally turning into tears
And you're begging for more though the end is getting near
come closer my love
I'll violate you in the most sensual way... until you drown in this

6) What are you addicted too? Oh I see your scars I know where they're from
So sensually carved and bleeding until you're dead and gone
I've seen it all before beauty and splendor torn
It's when heaven turns to black and hell to white
Right so wrong and wrong so right.

7) What did you do today? I play dead
To hide my heart
Until the world gone dark fades away.

8) Complete: I Am....? Love is insane and Baby
We are too
It's our hearts little grave
And the salt in our wounds.

9) Describe your favourite movie? With the venomous kiss you gave me
I'm killing loneliness.
10) How do you feel about drugs? Drained by the anger and grief
Fazed by the envy and greed 
The secret cries for a release
The lucidity hidden deep in sweet pandemonium.

This was way harder than it looked, loved what I chose though =]

Would love to see who you picked.

Love, Emma xxx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Haul Post

Hello Everyone =]

Me and my mum went shopping to the range and I got some bits, crafty bits of course =]

I also bought some items off Amazon:

With my new stuff, I created my first ever shaker card, I'm so proud of myself!

Of course I used Lawn Fawn stamps =]

I also created a card for my Nan last week:
Using Fintastic Friends by Lawn Fawn.

Hopefully I will be making more shaker cards and improving my skill.

Me and my mum also went to our local deli for lunch and I spotted this, I think its worth sharing, it made me giggle =]

Would really like your opinion on my shaker card to help me improve?

Love, Emma xxx

Monday, 14 March 2016


Hello Everyone =]

It's been a while since I've done a proper update post and 3am seems to be the perfect time to write this.

Diet: I'm still on my slim-fast shakes and snacks, but I've been slacking a bit, I've recently been drinking cola again, eating mini eggs and takeaways. I haven't weighed myself since I last told you so I doubt I've lost any weight at all. Haven't exercised either.

Anti-depressants: It's been over 2 years since I got put on fluxotine and now I think it might be time to lower my dosage.

Phone: Can't decide what phone I want next, I currently have the Lumia 630, I think I might go for a windows phone again as I love the way it works and it syncs with my notebook.

Dentist: I went to the dentist last week with pain, he ended up taking the nerve out of my tooth and packing it again, now the pain has subsided. But I do have more work and he said I can eventually get my plate.

Holiday: I'm going on holiday this year with my dad, his wife and my two sisters. I haven't been on holiday with my dad since I was a teenager. At the same time I'm excited and nervous, it's not til October but i'm afraid to fly and I need to lose weight before it too.

Card Making: I'm meant to be in the process of making cards to eventually sell on etsy and be apart of this working thing with the job center, I've made 4 but can't find the motivation to carry on.

Home: I rarely go out unless im with my mum or dad, I do the same thing every day = eat, sleep, play games, browse the internet and repeat. I just don't want to do anything at all. Even attempting to think of blog post ideas have gotten me down.

Event: I will be going to my first ever blogging event next month and I can't wait. I will be taking my mum for support and the fact I can't go out without anyone with me.

I think that's it for now haha =]

Been up to much?

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Happiness Tag

Hello Everyone =]

Saw this tag on Cakecrumbs and Pages, and as I currently have bloggers block, I may as well do this.

Songs: Anything by Sia, love her new album and her voice is epic. 

Books: I love the Starcrossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini, she's a great writer. 

Films: Disney, vampires, zombies, sci fi & fantasy, action, anything really. 

Foods: I love food so much, pizza, pasta, Indian takeaway, burger and chips, mini eggs.

Words: I'm currently saying WTF: What the fudge! Haha =]

Scents: Fruity scents, especially lemon. 

Random Things: New style boutique 2: Fashion forward on 3DS, I've played it everyday since I got it for Christmas last year, so addictive. My cats make me happy too, with their individual traits. 

I tag everyone.

What makes you happy?

Love, Emma xxx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

George At Asda Wishlist

Hello Everyone =]

I was browsing George at Asda and found some really pretty things and I'm going to show you what I like.









I love the new stuff from the spring collections.

Would you buy anything from my list?

Love, Emma xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Hello Everyone =]

OMG I'm so happy that my dad gave me this notebook, I can finally blog properly and I can now experience windows 10 =]

Who else is excited?

I can now finally be happy again!

Love, Emma xxx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

If I Could Tag

Hello Everyone =]

I've seen this tag floating around lately and what better way to start a new month than with a tag.

If I Could Live Anywhere: I would love to live in Japan, its so pretty yet so advanced in technology but to be honest, I'd love to live in the rural areas and live a simple life, like one in the studio ghibli films. 

If I Could Have Any Home: I would love to live in a cottage, cath kidston style inside and covered in wisteria and flowers on the outside.

If I Could Have Any Garden: I want a huge garden, with loads of pretty flowers and sakura trees with a pond. 

If I Could Be On Holiday Right Now: I'd love to go to Bora Bora, its one of the many islands that is slowly disappearing into the ocean and I'd love to see it before it goes. 

If I Could Have Any Job: I'd love to be a full time blogger, I love my blog so much and I want to grow with it.

If I Could Have Any Talent: I'd love to be able to draw. 

If I Could Live Any Day Again: I'm not very good at remembering the past, but I'd love to remember being with my auntie before she died. 

Would love to see your answers =]

Love, Emma xxx