Tuesday, 1 March 2016

If I Could Tag

Hello Everyone =]

I've seen this tag floating around lately and what better way to start a new month than with a tag.

If I Could Live Anywhere: I would love to live in Japan, its so pretty yet so advanced in technology but to be honest, I'd love to live in the rural areas and live a simple life, like one in the studio ghibli films. 

If I Could Have Any Home: I would love to live in a cottage, cath kidston style inside and covered in wisteria and flowers on the outside.

If I Could Have Any Garden: I want a huge garden, with loads of pretty flowers and sakura trees with a pond. 

If I Could Be On Holiday Right Now: I'd love to go to Bora Bora, its one of the many islands that is slowly disappearing into the ocean and I'd love to see it before it goes. 

If I Could Have Any Job: I'd love to be a full time blogger, I love my blog so much and I want to grow with it.

If I Could Have Any Talent: I'd love to be able to draw. 

If I Could Live Any Day Again: I'm not very good at remembering the past, but I'd love to remember being with my auntie before she died. 

Would love to see your answers =]

Love, Emma xxx

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