Monday, 14 March 2016


Hello Everyone =]

It's been a while since I've done a proper update post and 3am seems to be the perfect time to write this.

Diet: I'm still on my slim-fast shakes and snacks, but I've been slacking a bit, I've recently been drinking cola again, eating mini eggs and takeaways. I haven't weighed myself since I last told you so I doubt I've lost any weight at all. Haven't exercised either.

Anti-depressants: It's been over 2 years since I got put on fluxotine and now I think it might be time to lower my dosage.

Phone: Can't decide what phone I want next, I currently have the Lumia 630, I think I might go for a windows phone again as I love the way it works and it syncs with my notebook.

Dentist: I went to the dentist last week with pain, he ended up taking the nerve out of my tooth and packing it again, now the pain has subsided. But I do have more work and he said I can eventually get my plate.

Holiday: I'm going on holiday this year with my dad, his wife and my two sisters. I haven't been on holiday with my dad since I was a teenager. At the same time I'm excited and nervous, it's not til October but i'm afraid to fly and I need to lose weight before it too.

Card Making: I'm meant to be in the process of making cards to eventually sell on etsy and be apart of this working thing with the job center, I've made 4 but can't find the motivation to carry on.

Home: I rarely go out unless im with my mum or dad, I do the same thing every day = eat, sleep, play games, browse the internet and repeat. I just don't want to do anything at all. Even attempting to think of blog post ideas have gotten me down.

Event: I will be going to my first ever blogging event next month and I can't wait. I will be taking my mum for support and the fact I can't go out without anyone with me.

I think that's it for now haha =]

Been up to much?

Love, Emma xxx

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