Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28/08/2013 =] Enrolment Day =]

Hello Everyone =]

I enrolled today and it was good, but found out our CND brisa lite gel kit is a bit expensive so going to have to figure the money out for that.

Any who, i start college on Monday, 9am til 4pm =] cant wait to go back!

Not much to say really, its just the same as last time =]

But now I'm just waiting for my enchiladas because I'm hungry.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

28/08/2013 =] Early Birthday Meal =]

Hello Everyone =]

Today was quite good, went to my work program and found out i wont be doing a crappy course that they wanted to force me on =] woop!

Also today, i went out with my family to have an early birthday meal, we went to the crown carvery and had a roast dinner, i bombarded my plate with a Yorkshire pudding, turkey, mash, stuffing, cauliflower cheese and gravy, it was so nice yet so filling. Unfortunately i didn't take a picture of my dinner because i just got stuck in, i was that hungry but i did take a picture of my pudding =]

 lemon meringue pie =]

I also finally painted my nails =] after 4 attempts any way haha 

Blue with a bit of glitter =]

So today was good, its nice having people around that love you, my mum, my sister, my auntie and my sisters friend came so it was nice.

Tomorrow, il be enrolling at college woo =] cant wait to start next week, cant wait to go back actually =] i miss it.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

Sunday, 25 August 2013

25/08/2013 =] Chester Zoo Round 2 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Today i went to Chester zoo as an early birthday present, it was fun if there wasn't things in the way, like my new trainers hurt my feet, at one point it was too hot to walk and i don't like my pictures so I'm a bit peeved to be honest.

It was fun with my sisters two friends there but other than that i didn't really enjoy myself and I'm angry at myself for that.

But lets have a look at the pictures i sort of like.

We got there at about 10ish and left at about half 2pm, when we got home, me, my mum and my sister all went to bed and slept til half 7pm and now were just waiting for our Chinese takeaway =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx