Saturday, 28 March 2015

Haul =]

Hello Everyone =]

Last nights sleep on my new mattress was amazing, I slept from 9.30pm to 4.30am haha Longest sleep I've ever had =] But it's a memory foam mattress and It's really high haha but I've never had such a perfect sleep in my whole life!

It arrived yesterday at 12pm and I asked the men if they could put it on my base and they just left it leaning on my wall, and because I hadn't of slept on the couch because it was so damn uncomfortable, I just wanted to get into bed, so I moved it myself and OMG that was the heaviest thing I have ever moved by myself haha =]

Look at that thickness haha 

So really this post is about my haul from Hobbycraft part 2, as I bought more stuff online that I couldn't get in the shop when i was there at the weekend =] 

These is made of plastic and so handy to have to hold all my stuff plus it was only £5!!!!!

 Cards and envelopes =]

 15 stamps with a black ink pad =]

 Tatty Teddy Glittered Stickers =]

 Foam Heart Stickers =]

 Paris Glittered Stickers =]

 Stickers =]

Washi Tape =]

Hope you like what I bought, you will find everything on Hobbycraft =]

Also my mum has gone to London for 3 days to visit family and as my sister is working this weekend, I'm sure I wont be too bored haha =] 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx


  1. I do love a good bit of Hobbycraft. I haven't been for ages but while I'm taking my blogging and social media break I want to get really creative and crafty! xx

  2. May as well and I love it's cheapness as well 😊

  3. Hi Emma, I feel sorry about how those men who didn't bother to put the mattress on the base. Shame on them. Btw, love your haul, especially the stickers and the washi tape.

    Jo |

  4. Thank you, luckily I was able to do it myself, it was sheer determination because I was so tired

  5. There just too nice to use haha =]

  6. that washi tape is adorable! X

  7. The pastic tin and stickers are adorable
    Becky // Rebecca Marie xx

  8. I absolutely LOVE my memory foam mattress, I have spinal damage and to be honest it's the only thing that I can sleep on. Plus OHMYGOD those stickers from Hobbycraft! I need more in my life <3
    <a href=">Michelle | Satchels & Pearls</a>

  9. To be honest I've never slept so good in my life and my cats also like it haha 😊