Monday, 1 February 2016

New Month Update

Hello Everyone =]

January has been a blur for me, but kind of shocked that were in February already.

It's been about a week since I started my diet, its going okay, I've been enjoying my slim fast shakes and snacks and trying to have proper healthy meals. Bit of tmi for you, been a bit windy and ill the past few days, probably all the good stuff going into my body haha Haven't started exercising yet, have a couple of YouTube videos to follow for that and I finally own a sports bra, so no boob bounces when i do anything haha =]

I tried sweet potato the other day, it was rather nice, I mashed mine and had it with chicken, wasn't very filling but I know to add more in the future. I'm also thinking of changing my milk as well, either to almond or skimmed, depends which one I like best, I'm rather picky.

The only naughty things I'm drinking is my latte (only 1 a day) and a few cups of tea (I cant go without tea, its a British thing).

As I said, last month was a blur, so this month i need to make some cards so I can finally make some money of my own.
I have also been trying out my watercolour pens, I can use them on their own but with water its a bit tricky, but eventually I will get there =]

This month we have pancake day! WOOP! And my sisters birthday! And a few programs coming back like the walking dead! OMG I cant wait, exciting stuff!

Are you excited for anything this month?

Love, Emma xxx

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