Saturday, 5 October 2013

Gel Kit =]

Hello Everyone =]

Here is what i got in my gel kit =]

 CND Brisa Gel Master Pack

 Gel Brush Flat Oval 6

 Files - Blizzard, Boomerang and Koala Buffer


 Cool Blue Hand Cleanser

 Scrub Fresh Nail Sanitizer

 Cuticle Away Remover

 Scrub Brush

 Hands Down Pads

 Gel Sculpting Forms

 Brisa Paint

 Brisa Bond

 Brisa Gloss

 Nail Colour in Red

 Solar Oil

 Brisa Gel in Opaque Neutral Pink

 Brisa Gel in Opaque Pure White

 Brisa Gel in Semi-Sheer Neutral Pink

 Brisa Gel in Clear

Brisa Gel in Opaque Black

I also got my CND UV Lamp which was bought from Ellison's.

I also received my tunic in the post today as well =] i love it! It's really comfy as well.

It's black by the way.

So that's it =] Hope you enjoyed this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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