Sunday, 30 March 2014

30/03/2014 =] Party =]

Hello Everyone =]

Just a little update before i get down to business, i had my blood taken on Thursday and i don't even know why i was nervous because it didn't hurt at all, most of the time during it, i was peed off because they couldn't find a vein but eventually the nurse found one, so now i wait til next Thursday to hear back about my results.

So, yesterday was my cousins and sisters joint birthday party =] it was good, i started getting ready at 9am, so it was a very long day and night for me, we didn't get home til 2.30am. But i think everyone enjoyed themselves and some people were quite drunk. I ended up taking pictures all night and didn't touch any alcohol (as i don't drink anyway) but i still had a good day. Paying for it today though as my legs are hurting me but ill be fine haha

I'll only be posting this picture as i haven't asked anyone if they want their face on my blog. So here is my sister on the left, her best friend in the middle and my cousin on the right =]

I think they were all a bit drunk by the end of the night =]

Also my sisters friends mum made the birthday cake and i thought of the inspiration for it =]

So, to my pictures now of what i bought for the party and other things =]

 I bought these two hair slides but ended up wearing the blue flower instead as i couldn't choose between the two in the shop =]

 This is the top i wore, this picture makes it look pink, its actually coral =] i wore it with black pants and sparkly trainers.

My bling earrings =]

 This is in the colour ivory, it was really nice, didn't even feel like i was wearing anything so this was perfect for me =]

 Rita Ora new collection in the colour "Don't be shy".

Avon's new gel finish polish in Orange Crush =]

I love my nails, i did these yesterday morning, I used Avon French manicure white polish as i base, then sponged the colours on, i used - Rita Ora - Don't be shy, Avon nail wear pro + - Imperial Sky, Technic party bright's - Ayia Napa, Avon Glow - Sunshine and Avon gel finish - orange crush with a glitter finish - 17 nail xtras glitter top coat =]

Hope you like this post =]

I'm going to chill out today and watch some TV =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx


  1. i love ur nails they look gr8 love the colors
    i keep trying to get my boyf to be my test bunny but he wont do it what do u use?

  2. I use colour pop sticks to practice on, you can get them on ebay for cheap prices :-) or if you want to spend a bit more then use a practice hand, hope this helps :-) thanx for commenting and reading my blog