Friday, 25 April 2014

25/04/2014 =] Models Own Polishes =]

Hello Everyone =]

Ahhhhh!!!!! I'm so excited to announce that my models own polishes came today and I'm so happy with them =]

It arrived in a cute box with bubble wrap and tissue paper in it =]

And i was even more happier when i saw the polishes =]

I got four polishes from the polish for tans collection and they are Flip-flop, Bikini, Shades and Sun hat, the next colour is from the iced neon collection and its in Bubblegum and the last one is from the splash collection and its Mermaid Tears.

My sister was so happy when these arrived because it meant that i could do her nails, so i did, i did acrylics on her then painted them with flip-flop =]

I will be doing swatches and will post those pictures tomorrow =]

Also my sisters friend came round today and she looked pretty bored when i was doing my sisters nails so i asked her if she wanted to practice acrylics, i gave her everything she needed and she enjoyed herself =] I'm glad i could help.

Hope you like this post =]

Also models own favorited my tweet about my polishes on twitter =] it felt amazing =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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