Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day Out To Llandudno

Hello Everyone 😊
On Sunday the 25th, me, my mum and my mums friend went to Llandudno in Wales for a day trip. It's only about an hour and a half away from my house so my mum drove us. We were going to a Doll house emporium in the town hall, as my mums friend has doll houses and wanted to get some stuff. The weather was a bit cloudy, it rained a little but it was rather warm walking around. I love Wales, it's so pretty.
We got there early, so we decided to go into a cafe called The Lemon Tree and have breakfast.

Hot Chocolate

Tea Pot

Prawn Sandwich

It was so nice, and I will be going again, the cakes looked amazing and I wish I had bought one. When we finished, we went over to the town hall, it was a bit small, and I didn't find anything I liked so it was a bit shit in my opinion. 
Afterwards, we looked around a few shops and went towards the promenade, where there was a triathlon on, it was a bit crowded but I was more interested in all the dogs going past.

We didn't stay here that long, we soon headed back toward the car and decided to go to a massive shopping complex as I wanted to go into Primark. It's been years since I've been in one, and I really wanted home-ware bits, the home section was rather small for a bit store but I did manage to get some stuff. 
 This is currently hanging on my door

I couldn't find just Hufflepuff socks so I got the set. 

It was a good day, I enjoyed myself, it's so big, I want to go back and explore some more. I really want to go the castle and the zoo. 

We got home at about 3pm, I was so tired, I basically crawled into bed and crashed out. My body ached after ward like usual 😊

Have you ever been to Llandudno? Or anywhere else in Wales?
Did you enjoy this post?

See you soon, 

Love, Emma xxx

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