Saturday, 14 October 2017


Hello Everyone 😊
Think this has been long over due. My writing motivation still hasn't come back but I need to update you all on whats been happening lately.
So if you read my last update post then you'll know I've been going the dentist, about 2 weeks a go, I went back for my root canal, lets just say, I couldn't have it fully done, he did most of it but I had an abscess in the gum so I was prescribed antibiotics which made me rather ill but it cleared up so I went back on Tuesday and has the rest of the root canal done and was given my dentures.
 It felt so weird, having this big amount of plastic in my mouth and as I was numb, it didn't really bother me. But doesn't it look better. Its going to take a while though.
The first few days, I wore them for a couple of hours each time. I haven't attempted to eat with them yet, they have rubbed my gums and I've now got ulcers, so I will be going back to the dentist on Monday to get them shaved down so no more pain.
I will eventually lose my two front teeth but at the moment, i'm keeping them clean.
Don't forget to brush your teeth kids!!!!!
I lost my teeth due to years of neglect, smoking and sugary foods.

Nothing else has been happening, I've been sleeping at lot more recently, which makes me exhausted all the time, and no energy for the smallest things. I've definitely gained weight too as I bought a new coat and when it arrived, it didn't fit and I had to send it back and get two sizes up. 

I'm also thinking about Christmas, only 71 days to go. I'm making presents and cards for most people and only buying presents for my mum, and two sisters. I'm also excited to be decorating the tree this year too.

Does anyone want me to do blogmas this year?

Hope you like this post 😊

Speak soon,

Love, Emma xxx

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