Saturday, 22 June 2013

22/06/2013 =]

Hello Everyone =]

So yesterday was my last day in college, it was a good and funny day but very boring as there were no clients, i did get my nails done though, that did impress me at all, i had CND brisa lite gel put on as a practice  but it was too thick and the tips were too tight on my nails so when i got home, i spent an hour or so, soaking them off and as i didn't have enough acetone, i had to pull them off, they have ruined my nails and have even ripped my own tips off which i am very pissed off about, there really sore at the moment, at least they have 2 months to recover.

These are the before and after shots!



I was told yesterday that we get new uniforms next year as well, which I'm excited about =] at least they are staying black so il still be able to wear black jeans haha but this time they are V-neck with gems =]

Aint found out the days yet though, but I'm sure il find out in a month or so. Also going to college next week to help someone out with their manicure assessment, so that should be good, plus she's a lovely woman =]

So, not much has happened but I'm still glad that i passed my course and now I'm a qualified level 2 nail technician =] woop!!!!

Just to add something in before i wrap this post up, I've found a new chocolate bar to be obsessed with =]

It tastes so nice, i think peanut butter and chocolate go so nice together and maybe il make a cake with the both ingredients =] I'm sure it will be amazing!

Will write soon, Emyii xxx
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