Tuesday, 2 July 2013

2/07/2013 =]

Hello everyone =]

As some of you may know this already, I love photography!

For the minority of you that don't then ill explain.

In school, I studied photography and I loved it so much, being able to take pictures and edit them through Photoshop. I don't do a lot now but when I can, I love to take my camera out with me, even if its just a small trip like to the garden centre, I just love taking pictures. If you read my Christmas post then you should know that I got a new camera, its a Nikon coolpix l310 and its a digital SLR.
Personally I don't like taking pictures of myself and would rather take pictures of my pets instead or even the animals at the zoo, I like taking still life pictures as well. And I love looking at other peoples work and try to help others when it comes to lighting.
In this post I want to show you my work over the years as its progressed.

Lets get to it =]

First is my photography from when i was younger =]

Bella has always helped me with my pictures =]

This is me when i was about 16 maybe.

My converses =]

Onto the newer pictures =] starting with the animals =]

Sheldon =]

Duck that i saw in Chester zoo =]

More of Bella =]

George =]

Then the last pictures will be random ones that i have picked out for you that i really like =]

My sister =]

Daisies =]

From my aunties wedding meal =]

So there you have it, i do have more but not as good as these, i love taking pictures, i think you can express yourself so much better with a picture and its something that you can keep forever =]

Hope you enjoyed this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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