Monday, 13 April 2015

Perfect Spring Picnic =]

Hello Everyone =]

I'm sure the weather is starting to get warmer and so its picnic weather.

These items are perfect for the best spring picnic you can have.


 Floral Drink Dispenser - £17.50 

 4 Acrylic Straw Tumblers - £12.50 

 Floral & Spotted Bunting - £15

 Acrylic Rainbow Jug - £12.50

 Tropical Floral Rug - £19.50

Bucket Barbecue - £19.50 

 Embossed Salad Servers - £4

 Tropical Floral Round Tray - £15

 8 Acrylic Cocktail Stirrers - £5

 Floral Seat Pad - £17.50

 Tropical Floral Family Cool Bag - £15

Tropical Floral Bowl - £3 

I love all of these items and hopefully I will be having picnics soon =] 

Are you going to have a picnic this year? If so, who with? and where?

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

* All pictures taken off pinterest. 

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