Monday, 25 April 2016

Williamson Tea Review

Hello Everyone =]

I was kindly contacted by this brand to review tea for them. I love tea and trying new blends.

Williamson tea are a company who provide you with the finest tea from Kenya.

So cute, I also received a discount code for 20% off FOREST-FARM-20
I received their new elephant caddie containing earl grey tea with blue flowers, a bag of Kenyan earth tea and a cup to drink them out of. (I've always wanted a cup like this) 

 Prettiest elephant I've ever seen.

On to trying them, they are both lovely. I documented the smell and taste. But first, both bags are made out of material so no leaf fallout from them and quite difficult to break as well, which is great. 

Earl Grey with Blue Flowers

Smell - Earthy, fresh. 
No milk or sugar - Sweet, soothing, light.
Milk and 2 sugars - Flowery, lingers nicely, sweeter with sugar, satisfying. 

Kenyan Earth

Smell - Warm, subtle. 
No milk or sugar - Rustic, rich. 
Milk and 2 sugars - Warming, rich after taste but nicely. 

Out of them both, the earl grey with blue flowers has to be my favourite but I am going to enjoy drinking them both. 

If you would like to purchase earl grey with blue flowers, I will leave a link to their product page here


I would love to know if you buy anything from this company because I have an exclusive discount for you all, you get 20% when you purchase the caddie. Don't forget to use this code at the checkout - blueblueflowers 

Love, Emma xxx 

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