Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Liverpool Period Project Event

Hello Everyone =]

On the 24th of July, I went to my second blogging event and OMG it was amazing!

The event was to raise money for homeless woman in Liverpool who don't get a chance to buy sanitary products. We were previously told to buy items, such as sanitary pads, tampons, travel tissues, wet wipes, cotton knickers, tooth brushes and paste and I bought mini hair brushes.

We were also asked to wear anything pink as well for breast cancer awareness, so I wore a pink and orange top and also painted my nails in a bright pink too with glitter (of course) =]

I was really nervous before the event, been nervous all week, even though I had my sister with me, I still managed to meet up with Kiah at the train station so we could all travel together. It was nice to have people with me, wasn't as nervous on the train as I thought I would be, its when we got into Lime Street station that I got a bit nervous because they have steep escalators but once we reached the top, I started to feel better.
Me and Kiah met a few other bloggers at the station, then we made our way to the event which was held in Dough Bar I was shocked to see how close it is to the station so that made me feel better too.

We got inside and I said hi to Sam and Alisha who organised the event, then placed my santiary products on a table.

There was also another table full of prizes for the raffle:

And the last table, had the yard sale items on:

The had decorated the place, pink balloons, confetti and party poppers on the table with assigned seats for us all

I knew most of the bloggers on my table so I felt comfortable, also got myself a glass of coke cola for only £2.50 and it lasted me all day I was there.

I was super excited to see what was going to happen during the day, as we were there from 11.45am to 4pm.

We got to listen to talks from SamanthaAlishaTeardrop DesignsMeruMaya and The Body Shop at the start then we could all have a chat for a while and have a look around at the stalls.

We had previously paid £5 for food and the dough bar did a buffet, we ate at about 12/1ish and OMG the food is amazing, I had curly fries, normal fries and pepperoni pizza. Would defiantly go back for a meal there, its a must.

We also played a couple of games, pass the parcel, whats in my bag and we also did a quiz. The body shop had a few games too, we were given bin bags and 2 minutes to make a little black dress, it was very fun and unusual, some of us looked amazing for the time we had. We also had another game, where we would put a piece of paper on our heads and were told to draw and island with a few other bits included, we scored up points and the winner got a body shop prize. We also did a pick a mix thing and I won a free facial for myself and up to 5 friends at the body shop.

It was then onto the raffle, it was £5 per strip:

We got a chance to pick out what we wanted and as there were so many prizes, we all managed to get 2 or more, this is what I chose:
Lauren Conrad Bundle

Teardrop Designs 

I love both prizes, I even decided to give my mum this bracelet:

And I've kept the necklace for myself:

Afterwards we got our goody bags and a chance to buy more stuff so I got my #LPP bracelet and also got my sister a bracelet too for thanking her for travelling with me. 

I had such an amazing time, seeing everyone again and meeting new people =] 

I can't wait to experience more events and see my friends again. 

I will be doing a separate post on my goody bag, so look out for that soon! 

Congrats too Sam and Alisha for pulling the event off and making me happy =]

Love, Emma xxx

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