Sunday, 3 July 2016


Hello Everyone =]

It's been ages since I've done a personal post and I don't think I can put it off any longer.

Things have been weird and slow lately. You all know that I don't do much with my life but these past couple of months have dragged so much. My life is at a standstill, i'm utterly drained of any motivation at all, i haven't crafted in so long and it pisses me off. I want to make cards and be creative, but I cant get out of this funk! People are trying to help, my adviser at the job center wants me to do CBT online but i don't think therapy is for me. I don't think i could ever change my view on life, I've always been like this, to be honest i'm sure i was born depressed, i see no positives in my life, just negatives.

It's not just my life going to shit though, my Nan is currently having chemotherapy for a lump she had removed. My mums friends husband has got cancer and my dads wife's mum has cancer too. It's a sad world we live in and after knowing about the EU vote and knowing my life will change for the worse as i get older.

Recently, I've been having a weird feeling in myself, a bad feeling, i don't know what it is or what i should do, i just know its getting me down and i'm sleeping more than often and staying in more, last month i only left the house a couple of times, only because i was either with my mum or dad.
My mum is going on holiday this month for 2 weeks and I know i'm being selfish but i don't want her to go and leave me but i know she needs the break away from work stress and home stress and sometimes me and my sister can give her too much stress to handle.

I didn't really want to burden anyone with this, that's why i was hesitant to write this post at all.

The one thing I am looking forward too this month is the Liverpool Period Project event that I'm going too.

I love blogging and no matter how i feel, i will never give it up! It a part of my life!

Thank you for reading,

Love Emma xxx

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