Monday, 20 March 2017

Clothing/Decor Haul

Hello Everyone 😊
I went shopping yesterday with my mum and decided to pop into Matalan, I have a love/hate relationship with them, but this time round they had some really nice stuff. I bought the item above in the children's bedroom area, its so cute 😊
Its quite bright as well, makes it cuter 

 Since like forever, I've wanted a cup that you can shake and I finally found one.

As a large lady, It's really difficult to find clothes to fit me, and I didn't intentionally go to find anything, but my mum picked up this:
Then I found this:
As the summer stuff is coming out, this had to be bought.

Matalan has so many nice things, its worth a trip there, especially if your going on holiday this year, there are some cheap bits too. 

I also got two bits from George at Asda
I have two blogger events next month and this is perfect plus its long sleeved too.

Love the 80's themed sleeves on this cardigan. 

I haven't bought anything in ages and I really enjoyed going out and seeing whats in season. 

What have you bought recently? Leave me a comment 😊

Love, Emma xxx

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