Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourite's

Hello Everyone 😊
Another month is over, managed to produce more posts than last month but still not good enough. Really need to up my game and start pre-writing posts, really need to start working on my about me, contact and disclaimer pages if i want to go forward with my blog. And I also want to get back into writing mental health and autism posts too. Leave me a comment on the type of post you would like to see on here, much appreciated.
As with most of my posts, all images are taken off google and plots are taken off Imdb

Netflix Series

Once Upon A Time 10/10
Love this show, so glad its back, I always look forward to watching the next episode.

Cuckoo 7/10
Watched this out of pure boredom and rather enjoyed it.

Red Dwarf Season 1-8 9/10
I've always loved this show, so it was amazing to watch it from the beginning and hoping for a new season this year. Kryten is my favourite, he's the one on the left.

Netflix Films

Taken 3 8/10
This is a must to watch if you've seen the other two plus who doesn't love Liam Neeson?

Rage 9/10
Right, so i'm a huge Nicolas Cage fan and i'm trying to watch all his film, this one was so good and a must watch.

40 Year Old Virgin 9/10
The title speaks for itself, very funny film.

Chappie 8/10
Love watching robot films and having not seen this yet, I was so happy when it showed up on Netflix, I did enjoy it and its a must watch in my book.

TV Series

The Gadget Show 6/10
It's been a fair few years since I last watched this but with the new season that has just started, its peaked my interest again, I love gadgets and this show is perfect.

Last Man Standing 9/10
This was picked up by E4 starting from season 1 this month and I'm really enjoying it. Plus watching it reminds me of Home Improvements.

Wild Things 10/10
So glad this is back, if you need a good laugh, then watch this =]

Spring Baking Championship 10/10
Even though there was only 2 seasons shown, I enjoyed both, I love watching food programs, especially where people are competing to be the best.

Now TV

My sister has had a now TV box for a while now, the other day, she had accepted a films trail so I hooked it up to the TV and now there are loads of films I can watch (which is good, as I don't go the cinema)
Deadpool 10/10
You don't know how painful it is to wait to watch a film that you've been hyped about for soooooooooooooo long, I had to dodge everyone's views on the film and I'm so glad that I managed to watch it and it acceded my exceptions plus Ryan Reynolds is HOT!


Lana Del Ray - Love
She's back with a new song and I love it.

UK Air Dates

5th April - The 100 - E4 - 9pm
10th April - Prison Break - Fox - 9pm

Also tomorrow, I am going to my first blogger event of the year and I'm nervous and excited at the same time, and it's bothering me so much that its on April fools day, I don't join in with pranks and I always fall for them, I get so upset by them and extremely embarrassed, so fingers crossed nothing goes wrong.

Any-who, What are your favourites for the month?

Hoping to blog more next month 😊

Love, Emma xxx

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