Thursday, 11 May 2017


Hello Everyone 😊
I'm so happy that I can blog, these two weeks have been painful but I finally have a new laptop, its red and shiny and bigger than my last one, I can finally see detail.
Not much has happened except for my borrowed notebook dying then having too save some money for this new beauty.
The weather has been great here, really warm and sunny during the day and a bit chilly a night, perfection in my eyes. Took some pictures too. The one shown above is my own picture, might make my own stock photos.
 We need loads of flowers now

 Even though this is fuzzy, I do like his face in this one.

He was following me round the garden.

Something else happened yesterday, I noticed early in the morning that Bella's face was swollen, so I thought it might be her tooth playing up again. My mum managed to get out of work early to take her to the vets. The vet said she had probably been in a fight, as she had a puncture wound under her cheek, she drained it and has given us some painkillers for her and anti-biotics, and we have to try and keep her in for a week, which is a problem because she's mostly and outdoor cat and she keeps crying at me and I feel so bad. She will need to go back to the vet next week for a checkup. Unfortunately the vet had to shave her, so she looks a bit pathetic.

I have also been crafting recently, having no laptop has made me want to make things. So I made round cards and backgrounds ready for decoration.

I also made my mums friend an ornament for her kitchen, she loved it 😊
I layered images to make a 3D effect.

Now that I have my laptop. I will be able to blog about Eurovision this Saturday, I'm so excited, anyone else watching?

That's it for today, see you soon 😊

Love, Emma xxx

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