Saturday, 30 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Hello Everyone 🎄
Hope your christmas was amazing, I had a good time too. I went to my Nan and grandad's for christmas dinner with some family.

I got a orange hat in my cracker and wore it during dinner. 

These are not the best pictures I've taken, I took them in the dark using my phone camera flash as I upgraded my phone a week before christmas. 
Anyway, I love posts like these so here is what I got for christmas:

 My sister's boyfriend got me this.

 I got unicorn bottoms too.

 My mum got this for me when I mentioned that I have loads of CD's and nothing to play them on.

 Mermaid bedding.

 This smells so nice. 

 I got a lot of chocolate this year, these 2 plus 2 chocolate oranges, biscuits, selection box, large chocolate reindeer.

I also got a package off my best friend Be

These were so nice. 

I also bought something on the boxing day sales:
As I said before, I got a new phone, so I bought this and I love it. 

The phone I got is the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and the case I bought finally arrived yesterday:
It's so pretty, I might buy the other 4 designs. 

How was your christmas?

Would love to know what you got, leave a comment please 😊

Speak soon, 

Love, Emma xxx

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