Tuesday, 23 January 2018

What I Watched In December

Hello Everyone 😊
I know this post is late but lets start.


Raven's Home 8/10
I loved this, so funny and I love seeing Raven on my TV again. A must watch if you loved that's so raven.

I'm a celebrity 2017 10/10
Best show ever!

Inhuman's 9/10
I really enjoyed this but I think it's been cancelled.

The Shannara Chronicles 9/10
Omg this was so good. Really hoping for another season.

Home 10/10
First time seeing this and I loved every bit of it, luckily I kept it on the recordings so I can watch it again.

Other TV series I watched:

The A Word 10/10
The Inbetweeners Movie 1&2 8/10
Not Going Out Xmas Special 9/10
Z Nation 9/10


Plebs 9/10
This was hilarious, must watch if you loved stupid British humour.

Bright 9/10
Don't care what anyone says, I loved this film and I cant wait for the next one.


Lego Batman Movie 8/10
Love anything to do with Lego.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 10/10
Loved this, Groot is my fave.

I did watch more but not enough to make this post.

Speak soon,

Love, Emma xxx

*All images taken off google.

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