Thursday, 3 May 2018

What I've Been Eating

Hello Everyone 😊
If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen what I've been eating lately but I thought I would put it in a post anyway. I will also be showing the snacks I've been having too. 

 Carrot cous cous with battered chicken pieces

 Veg cous cous with smoked sausage

 Alpro yogurt with granola and banana

 This was very nice and refreshing

 Scrambled egg on brown toast with a ribena sparkling (if anyone can find these ribena's in store, can you tell me in the comments please)

 BBQ: Cheese burger, sausage, egg, cucumber and potato salad

Chicken caesar salad with a pork pie.

Probably looks like I don't eat much, and I don't πŸ˜€ I tend to eat the same things but have something different each week so I don't get bored.
I bought most of my food from Asda

 Only 71kcals

 These come in a pack of 4, 2 peach and pear and 2 banana and strawberry. I use them with my granola.

 I got these from my local shop and I have one when i'm craving.

 Omg these jellies are amazing 

 I also buy the strawberry ones too.

I just got a small loaf as I don't want to be eating a lot of bread, its so nice though, especially with sandwich spreads on.

And there you have it. I'm still drinking a smoothie every morning, as I said before, I post most of what I'm eating to Instagram so please give me a follow if you want to keep up to date. I would also love to follow more people who are eating healthy too 😊

Til next time.

Love, Emma xxx

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