Monday, 2 July 2012

My Holiday =] Luabay Lanzarote Beach Hotel =]

Unfortunately I didn't do any vlogs or outfit of the days or night, i was too ashamed of myself and they way i looked.

But i wrote about what i did every day in my journal and now i will type about it on here.

Day 1 - Sunday 24th June 2012 

Woke at 8am and got everything ready and left the house for 10.45am. It was a 45 minute journey to Manchester airport ad check in was pretty fast, after that we headed to the departure lounge, we were only sitting there for about 30 minutes and then we were told to go to gate 26. We only waited 5 minutes then we boarded the plane. Unfortunately me and my mum couldn't get seats next to each other as we didn't pre-book them before hand. So i was seated in 5F which was the window seat and my mum was sat in 4D which was the aisle seat in front. I was sat next to a 12 year old girl named Katie, she was nice.
I cried like an idiot when i was seated because my seatbelt wouldn't go across me and i had to get an extender seatbelt, which was rather embarrassing!
Flight was okay, panicked like usual when we took off but all in all, it was pleasant. The Flight was 3 hours and 50 mins long, but in between listening to music and playing suduko, it was quite quick. We had a meal on our flight as well, i had beef and mash which was rather tasty =] Also had a mini cheesecake which was nice as well =]
We landed at Arrecifie at 6pm, got our cases pretty quickly. A bit of a mish to our bus though, which was at bay 21, but after it i was just glad to get on and enjoy the cooling air con =]
It was rather foggy when we were travelling, it took about 15 minutes to get to Luabay but looking around, its quite deserted til you get to Costa Teguise, then all you see is hotels dotted everywhere and sea and volcanoes.
When we arrived at Luabay, we were given our key cards, a map of the hotel and our bracelets =]
We walked to our room which was on the ground floor, we got room 4106 and it was massive because it was a family room, so it was really spacious.
We had some food and then went to sleep after a long day. =]

Day 2 - Monday 25th June

Mums alarm woke me at 8.30am by giving me a mini heart attack =] We got ready and went to breakfast which was in the main restaurant. I had scrambled egg and cheese, it was really nice. After that we headed back to the room and i unpacked my case while my mum went to the shop to get milk, even though we didn't have any mugs or a spoon but we did bring teabags and sweeteners with us =]
When she got back, we decided to head to the beach, the sea was so cold and loads of seaweed everywhere, which freaks me out when it tangles round my feet.
We came back to our room after an hour because the sand was doing my head in, we made a cup of tea in a glass cup and stirred it with a comb =]
We headed for lunch at 12pm, i had egg, chips and German sausage with a orange slushy =] which was rather nice.
We walked to the shop afterwards and bought mugs for our tea, i got a mug with a dolphin on it =]
After we took a walk back to the hotel, and i chilled in the room for a bit, my fiancé rang me to see how much it charged both of us, and i cost me 25p for a minute, which wasn't very good as i didn't have a lot of credit on my phone anyway. But it was nice to hear his voice.
Chilled and listened to music for a bit then jumped in the shower, it was lovely =]  got dressed for dinner then  made our way down there.
After it we decided to walk down the prom, it was nice, took a couple of pictures then made our way to a bar, i ended up having a mango smoothie at the beach bar.
Came back to our room at 9.30pm and played rummy on the balcony, i won a couple of times, it was fun =]
Went to bed at 11pm as alarm was set for 8am.

Day 3 - Tuesday 26th June

Rubbish sleep, woke at 7.30am, so got changed and headed to breakfast. I had scrambled egg, bacon, sausage and what i thought was black pudding, then after we headed to the pool area, too cold to swim in it though, which was a shame. That "black pudding" stuff made me feel a bit sick, so headed back to the room and waited for the maid to come before i went for a nap.
Maid never showed up and it got to 12pm, so i went to the snack bar for some lunch, as i felt a bit better, i had a cheese burger and a sausage then went back to the room for a nap.
Dinner was at 6.30pm, after, we decided to go up to the hotel bar and check out the entertainment. I got a San Francisco none alcoholic cocktail, it wasn't very nice and about 20 minutes later we were bored of waiting so went to the beach bar instead, there i had a strawberry and baileys milkshake, it was so nice =]
There was also live music coming from behind Surfwings, which was an African drum band and they were amazing =]
We got back to the room at 10.30pm and played rummy then headed to bed.

Day 4 - Wednesday 27th June 

Woke at 8am and went to breakfast. Sat at the pool area for a bit then decided to go for a stroll along the beach by myself while my mum sunbathed. Walked all the way round the beach then as i was just about to wash the sand off my feet, i crapped myself when water started spraying at me from the shower, i accidentally pushed the wrong button and instead of washing my feet, i washed the left side of my body instead =] luckily i was wearing my swimsuit =] but it was rather cooling after a hot walk =]
When i got back, i eventually went for a first paddle in the pool, it was freezing but nice but i had to get out because people were snorkelling and i got in the way.
Watched the aqua aerobics then headed for lunch, i had a cheese burger =]
Sat in the room for a bit while waiting for the technician to fix our ant problem (they were everywhere).
We went for dinner at 6.30pm, i had egg, pizza and tuna potato salad, for dessert i had mini cheesecakes, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake and lemon cake, it was nice. Afterwards i emptied my bag and gave the contents to my mum, while i went in to the loo and stole two loo rolls =] it was funny! (the maid never gave us enough during the time she came round).
After dinner we headed out to surfwings as the beach bar was packed because of the football, we both ended up having a none alcoholic strawberry cocktail which was very nice =] We came back to our room and played rummy then went to sleep at 11pm.

Day 5 - Thursday 28th June 

Woke at 7.30am and got ready and headed out to breakfast. Wanted to stay near the pool but the weather was being weird, its hot then really windy and the pool was too cold to swim in it.
So for lunch we decided to go to the beach bar for pancakes, i had sugar and lemon ones, they were really nice =] then we went to the shops to have a browse, i ended up getting a bracelet and a mirror.
We got back to our room and i ended up reading 3 chapters of Starcrossed while my mum went to sunbathe, had a shower and got ready for dinner for 6.30pm.
We went to surfwings for a drink because yet again the beach bar was full of football fans.
Ended up having a baileys then at 8pm we headed to spar to get biscuits, weather was far too cold and windy to sit out in it. So we went back to the room, played rummy, i read another 2 chapters of my book, then went to sleep.

Day 6 - Friday 29th June

Woke at 7.30am and yet again we have no loo roll, so i had to go steal some again =] today was pretty cold, last night we played rummy on the bed but then moved outside, i had to put my socks on and covered myself in the woolly blanket because it was that cold =]
I had two pancakes for breakfast, they were so nice and thick. Also had hot chocolate, which was nice as well.
Too cold to sit outside so ended up sitting on my bed, munching biscuits and reading my book.
Went to lunch at surfwings, i had a cheese and ham baguette, it was nice, it was a bit hard though to chew and my gums ended up bleeding but they were okay.
Afterwards we went to find a cash machine, while my mum was doing that, i went in to this little shop which was run by an Asian woman, it had loads of jewellery and little knick knacks to buy, this place also has an obsession with penises, its all you see there =] it was rather funny to look at though.
Got back and read 2 more chapters of my book, had a cup of tea then got ready for dinner.
After dinner, we decided to go the night market in the square, it wasn't what i expected, it was rubbish, nothing original and the shops were so much better than it.
We walked down to the beach bar and i had a strawberry and baileys milkshake, couldn't finish it though, as i wasn't feeling too good and it was a bit chilly, so went back to the hotel and read Starcrossed then went to sleep.

Day 7 - Saturday 30th June

Second to last day. Just woken but getting to sleep was hard, didn't sleep til 2am. Went to breakfast and had scrambled eggs. Read the last of my book then went for a quick nap before heading out to lunch. We ended up going shopping first, i bought a glass ornament that changes colour, a necklace, another bracelet, olivine stones and two presents for my fiancé. We stopped and had lunch at this little beach bar called paradiso tropical, i had a cheese and bacon toastie, with a strawberry milkshake, which was the best I've ever had =]
Got back and relaxed, read a magazine then packed my case. Had a shower, went out and took some pictures then came back and got ready for dinner. I had pizza and pasta =] Afterwards we went for a walk, it was rather windy but i wanted to take some more pictures. Ended up at surfwings and i had a mellow madness ice cream sundae which was nice but made me cold =] We got back to the room and played rummy but it was far too cold to sit outside so we gave up and i did a crossword instead then fell asleep.

Day 8 - Sunday 1st July

 Last day =[ Wish we could of stayed another week, would of been nice to have a tan.
We had breakfast at 8am and i had pancakes =] then we went to go see the Thomas cook rep to talk about our flight. My mum talked to reception and paid 20 euros for us to stay in the room til 3pm as we weren't getting picked up til 4.30pm.
I managed to sleep for a bit then got showered and dressed and left the room at 2.30pm, we had a little bit to eat, all i had was bread rolls but they were nice.
The bus picked us up 4.45pm, when we got to the airport, we used fast tracking and managed to get two seats together for 20 euros.
But our cases were over 4 kilos and we had to throw away our towels and move stuff in to our hand luggage.
As we got through to the departure lounge, i bought some sweets and a puzzle book, we didn't have to wait long til the gate opened, it was gate 2. And our seats were 39A and 39B, we were right at the back on the plane near the tail.
Flight was a bit bumpy because of the clouds, but it was okay, we had a meal again, but this time i had chicken, gravy, a sausage, veg and stuffing which was very nice =] pudding was a bit poor though, so didn't eat it.
Went to the loo and hour before we were meant to land, and managed to clip my toe on the loo door, it broke the skin and my foot started to swell up and go numb.
We landed 10 minutes early and had a very long walk to our cases, they came off the belt pretty fast.
As we got outside, it started raining ( i haven't missed it one bit). We were in the car for about 45 minutes and finally made it home. When we got in we had a cup of tea and spoke to my sister for a while. Then i decided to ring my fiancé to tell him that i got home okay. Got to sleep at 2am and woke at 8am and all ive done is caught up with my TV programs and slept all day =]

What I Will Miss

 None Alcoholic Cocktail

 Piggy =]

 Strawberry and baileys milkshake =]

 The maids handy work =]

 My New Necklace =]

 Our Room Number =]

 The Beach =]

 The Pool =]


 Mellow Madness Ice Cream Sundae

 The Outside of the hotel =]

 The Sign

 Olivine and Obsidian Jewellery =] 

  • Sea View 
  • Sound of the sea 
  • Strawberry and baileys milkshake
  • Scrambled egg, pizza, pasta, pancakes and mini cakes, hot chocolate
  • Comfy Pillows
  • Nice warm shower
  • A Balcony onlooking the sea
  • Warm Breeze
  • Cats 
  • Cute and tacky shops
  • Volcanoes 
  • Stealing loo roll

 Will write soon =] Emyii xxx

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