Saturday, 21 July 2012


Okay so i haven't written in a while, my life has been kind of boring at the moment so nothing much has been going on.
Finally got my bursary form today, so me and my mum filled what we could but it is kind of hard to understand so if my mum can get the week off then we might pop down to the college and ask about the blank spaces then hand it in.

Nothing else has really been happening, got a call yesterday about my pre operation, which I'm having on Tuesday, there going to go through what I'm having done to my mouth then taking my blood pressure and my weight and other things i have no idea about =] Really nervous for it, i know I'm going to be drugged but I'm going to ask if il be able to listen to my music while they do it so i don't have to listen to the drill noises (thinking about it, knocks me sick).

But above all that, nothing else has been happening which is kind of shit.

Will fill you in about what happens on Tuesday, Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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