Sunday, 8 July 2012

Slow Sunday =[

Okay so i haven't blogged in a couple of days, the reason why, is because i haven't done anything and ill probably bore you to death haha =]

So yesterday i attempted to do water marble nails and after 7 attempts i gave up and painted my nails orange, then this morning my mum came home from shopping and had bought me a coral colour cardigan so i used striping tape on my nails and did patterns with them with a black on the top, after 5 hours i couldn't bear it any longer and have finally re-done them, this time i like them.

What I've done here is a French manicure with a twist, instead of using white, i used blue and green with a bit of glitter on the top to finish it off.

The reason I've done all this is because I'm going to college tomorrow to "meet the team" and i wanted to show off what i can do, and this is all i came up with, so its a bit poor but at least they look better now.

Will blog about what happens tomorrow =] Emyii xxx

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