Sunday, 19 May 2013

19/05/2013 =] Eurovision 2013

Hello Everyone =]

Last night was eurovision night, did anyone else have a party to celebrate?

I thought it was amazing and now I'm going to post videos on the artists i enjoyed =]


I loved this song, the performance was amazing and the man in the box mimicking the singer and the girl were amazing.


This song reminded me of another eurovision song called "dum tek tek" but i thought i was good.


She deserved to win, this song is so catchy and i loved the drums and flute incorporated into the song.


I've always loved duos in eurovision and these two were amazing.


I heard this before the eurovision and i loved her ever since she first appeared on the TV, this is a great song but as people say, it does sound similar to loreens euphoria.


This song is so funny, i loved it and it was really catchy to dance and sing too.


This man has an amazing voice and i loved the song.


Thought this song was really nice and he has a really good voice.


Amazing voice, amazing song and amazing performance.


This was shocking but in a good way! This was amazing and i love both his voices.


This song was very anthemic and very catchy.


Not as good as last years haha but still good and catchy.

And finally the UK:

Better than last years haha but she deserved it and i cant believe we got 23 points =] really proud of her and it wasn't such a bad song either.

I also loved loreens medley that she did, her new song is amazing and the performance was outstanding! =] i cant wait for her new album =]

Overall i think this years contest was really good and I'm happy with all the performances and i loved the little performance and the end that petra did =] was really funny =]

I also did some nail art yesterday which I'm really pleased about and i think is the best work I've ever done =]

Butterfly nail art with gradient effect =]

Hope you enjoyed this post =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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