Saturday, 28 December 2013

28/12/2013 =] The Resolutions Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

2013 is nearing its end but on to 2014 =] Hopefully it will be a good year for me, well better than this one is hope =]

Question time!

Looking back:

1: Name 3 things you did this year that you're proud of? Passed my level 2 course in nails, Learned how to do acrylics and took control of my life for the better.

2: Name 1 thing you wish you'd have done differently? I wish i could of stayed on my level 3 course.

3: What was your biggest highlight this year? Creating my Christmas nail designs.

4: What was your favorite beauty product this year? Probably my neutrogena moisturiser.

5: What was your least favorite beauty product this year? Don't have one haha.

6: Who do you want to thank for being amazing this year? My mum, for always being there for me.


7: What are the makeup/beauty resolutions you have for next year? Try new foundations for my combo skin.

8: What are the fashion resolutions you have for next year? Try not to live in my pyjamas all the time haha.

9: What are your personal resolutions for next year? Find a job and be happy.

10: Name 1 thing you want to check off your bucket list next year? Get a job.

Hope you like this post =]

Hope your new year is amazing.

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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