Saturday, 8 February 2014

08/02/2014 =]

Hello Everyone =]

I would like to tell you about my productive day yesterday =]

Me and my cousin decided to go into town for a bit of window shopping. We got there for 12pm and straight to the food court for some lunch.
We went to burger king, bearing in mind i haven't had one since i was a child and now i know what I've been missing, it was so yummy and filling.

After lunch, we went to Marks & Spencer. My cousin had booked us in for bra fittings. I now know my "real" size and i will be able yo go get the bra i wanted at the end of the month.

We went round a couple of clothing stores, but instead we ended up in the travel agents, i picked up a book on Greece and Cyprus as i would like to go to Greece this year.

Afterwards, we went to Costa, i had a mango and passion fruit blended ice drink, which kept giving me brain freeze but it was very nice =]

After our rest stop, we went into a 3 store, my cousin was wanting a new phone, we weren't in there long til we decided to leave and go the market instead.
Once in the market, we found the balloon place and asked how much balloons were (as my cousin and sister are having a joint birthday party this year).

After that, we went back to the 3 store and my cousin chose her new phone, she was so made up about it.

I think we left town at about 3.30pm, and went to pick up my auntie on the way to take back to my house. I got home about 4pm, and was really tired, so i had a cup of tea and waited til my mum got home at 6pm then went for a nap, i didn't end up waking up til 10pm, but i felt so much better.

I enjoyed my day out, I even saw a man with an owl and two police horses, they were so cute =]

I hope you liked this post. Sorry for the lack of pictures, i forgot haha =]

I also made a recent purchase on Wednesday.

Maybelline Cover Stick In Fair - £3.99

I got this product from boots, as I've been having problems with my old products, as they make my skin orange. This product is soft and glides onto my skin, it gives me the coverage i need and want. 
At the end of the month, i will be going to a consultation at No.7 in boots, so i can find out what is best to use on my combination skin. 

I'm going to relax today and watch a bit of TV, maybe even a film later =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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