Monday, 17 February 2014

17/02/2014 =]

Hello Everyone =]

Yesterday was my sisters 21st birthday, it was a very fun and busy day =]

So, we all woke up at about 8/9am ish and my sister started opening her presents, this is what i bought her.

And then we had breakfast which was a boiled egg with toasted soldiers =] then my sister and my mum went out to my nan's and shopping, i stayed in and watched TV and Sheldon played with the balloons =]

When they got home, we had lunch and then i went for a nap, i woke at 3.30pm and started to get ready for the family meal. We went to a place called the ship hotel, we got there at about 6pm, my sister had a surprise of her best friend being there as well and we had so much fun, all of us laughing and eating. I didn't have a starter but i did have a duo meat dinner, which was pork and beef with roast potatoes and stuffing with loads of gravy, it was very nice and filling. Then the waiters brought out my sisters cake and we sang happy birthday, that when i decided to get a dessert =]

It is sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice cream

The meal was really nice and really filling, we got home for about 9pm and i was that bloated and tired i ended up going to bed.

I hope my sister enjoyed her birthday and it was a very nice day as well =]

I also painted my nails the day before for yesterday =]

Hope you like this post =] 

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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