Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day Three - 25/06/2014 =]

Hello Everyone =]

It took me ages to fall asleep, instead I moved my quilt and pillows on to the couch, I was rather hungry so I had a packet of wotsits and a ham and coleslaw sandwich. I managed to fall asleep at 3.30am.
I woke up at 7am and had a cup of tea and a bowl of cereal. I also went for a stroll around the lake again and this time i took my camera.

 There were a lot more rabbits than this.

 Kestrel =]

 Butterfly or Moth Not Too Sure 

 Our Lodge =]

I got ready at 9am to go the Quarry Park. We decided to get the park and ride as it was cheaper and easier to get into town. A lovely man helped us with what stop to get off at, which was nice. We walked through the Quarry for a bit til we came across a bridge, which made me feel sick because it wobbled when we walked over it. We decided to stop at a pub opposite the river for a drink.

We then went into town to have a look round and went into the shopping centre, we found a little cafe inside and decided to stop for lunch. I had a prawn sandwich and a carton of ribena. Afterwards we walked back through town to go see the dingle.

We got back to the car at about 3pm and my feet were killing me as i wore flip flops. On the way back we popped to the shop and i bought myself a few goodies. We got back to the lodge at 3.30pm and i got straight into my pyjamas and went for a nap. I got woken up at 6pm for dinner, we had an Indian takeaway, it was okay, wasn't brilliant.
After dinner I decided to go for a walk along the lake, after walking up the hill, i came back down and a swan started following me, i was devastated that i was so close to this beautiful bird that i didn't bring my camera, and im glad i didn't because it came up onto the grass, bulked itself up and hissed at me, i screamed and ran for my life as it followed me. After 5 mins of running, it gave up, obviously it didn't like me. I got back to the lodge as quickly as i could and my mum said she heard me scream, so i told everyone what happened and they couldn't stop laughing.
I went to bed at midnight, slept til 4.30pm, went the loo then headed back to bed.

Stay Tuned for Day Four =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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