Thursday, 2 October 2014

02/10/2014 =] Update Time =]

Hello Everyone =]

Cant believe its October already, where did September go haha Autumn is slowly creeping in but its still sunny and warm, cant get my gloves out yet =]

So, my sister and mum have gone on holiday and the guinea pigs were taken to boarding.

I know it may sound stupid, but I'm 24 and I've never lived alone before and this is the first time, I'm still a bit nervous about it and its only been a day, i didn't sleep much last night when they left so fingers crossed its better tonight.

Surprisingly Sheldon slept curled up with me this morning, which he never does by the way, but it was cute and i think he misses them too haha

I finally had a call from my doctor yesterday, saying he's got my funding for my review and he is transferring me over to the correct people that can do it, so fingers crossed i can get that done before new year because that would be great.

Today, I watched the amazing spider-man 2, i did rather enjoy it and i did cry at the end as well, its a must see in my eyes =]

I hope your all well and I'm sure I'm going to survive by myself haha maybe i need to find someone to talk to though so i don't go crazy =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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