Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The FairyTale Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

I saw this tag on Sweet Dreams and I thought that I would do it as its been a while since I've done a tag.


Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful? I don't think I've ever thought of myself as beautiful but my ex's considered me as beautiful.

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep at night? I tend to sleep during the day, so i don't actually sleep at night, i sleep about 3am.

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew? As im 24, i don't have a curfew any more but I'm a bit of a pussy so i don't go out when its dark.

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside? Being outside with nature is my favourite, especially in the autumn when all the leaves have fallen and i can crunch on them.

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers easily? No, I don't even trust people i know, i get walked over easily.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids - Are you easily fooled? I think it depends on the situation, if sarcasm is involved then i am fooled.

Beauty and the Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes? A great sense of humour, i love someone that can make me laugh.

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love? I think this one depends on the situation as well.

The Frog Prince - What do you find disgusting? People keeping things from me and lying to me to my face.

Jack and the Beanstalk - Do you have any plants? No, but I like buying flowers and rearranging them in the vase.

Puss in Boots - Do you have pets? If not, do you want them? Yes, I have 3 cats, and 2 guinea pigs.

Bluebeard - What is your weak point? My confidence and thinking that I'm not good enough.

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish? To grow my blog bigger.

Peter Pan - What is your mental age? I think my mental age is about 10 years old maybe haha i like being immature and enjoy watching barbie films.

The Star Money - What is your most valuable possession? My laptop, it has everything on it and its the only thing i blog on.
The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend and what would you do for him/her? I don't have best friends any more, so i will chose my mum instead and i would do anything for her.

The Princess and the Pea - Are you sensitive? Very, a lot of things can make me cry haha.
Godfather Death - What qualities make a good parent? Love, patience, honesty, care.
The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes - Do you like parties? Not really, I don't dance or drink alcohol, to be honest, id rather sit at home and watch a film.
The Emperor's New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothing? Not really, i dress for comfort so I'm not very fashionable haha.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave? Not in the slightest.

Hope you like this tag =]

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