Sunday, 8 November 2015

Moving Room's

Hello Everyone =]

This has been long over due and I'm sorry that I haven't updated you sooner.

About a month a go I mentioned that my sister wanted me to move downstairs, well I agreed to it and finally its getting there.

My carpet arrived on Friday afternoon, its like a medium grey colour and soft under my feet =]

After it was put down, my nan and grandad came round to help move my bed and drawers downstairs, plus I added a few ornaments to make it feel more homely, then made my bed and hung my HIM picture on the wall.

You can just about see the chandelier in this picture, I'm hoping to just get a normal light as this is rather low and I keep hitting my head on it.

The wicker baskets hold my nail polishes and some nail art =]

My desk arrived on yesterday so I will be putting that together today, can't wait to put all my craft stuff out and planner items.

All I need now is a wardrobe, shelving, desk chair and a few decorative bits, so I will be updating you as I go along =]

I mostly post my pictures on Instagram and Twitter so you can follow me on there if you like.

Sleeping in there for the first time on Friday, was very weird, but as I had been up all day, I just crashed out. I did randomly get up at 6am to make a cuppa and have a bowl of noodles then went back to bed.

I can finally have the "bloggers" room i've always wanted =]

Do you like it?

Love, Emma xxx

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