Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Warm Me Up For Winter Tag

Hello Everyone =] 

It's been a while hasn't it and you know I love doing tags, I found this tag on It's Binky Bee Youtube.


1. What's your favourite hot chocolate? I really like the hot chocolate at Mcdonalds.

2. Whats your favourite PJ's, fluffy socks and slippers? I recently bought new pjs from simply be, they have penguins on them and are very fluffy. 

3. Favourite thing about winter? All the hot drinks I can have.

4. Favourite winter lip product? Vaseline - to help with my cracked lips. 

5. Favourite winter candle? I don't burn candles, so anything my sister burns to be honest. 

6. Favourite cozy jumpers? Don't have any yet, hoping to get a Christmas jumper this year.

7. Favourite scarf? I own a grey leopard print one that I adore, very soft. 

8. Favourite bath bomb? I don't have baths.

9. Favourite winter scent? I'm still currently loving Daisy Dream. 

10. What do you like about winter? Staying in the warmth and eating nice foods.

11. Favourite movies? The family stone, Home alone, Elf, Arthur Christmas, Frozen, The muppets christmas carol.

12. Do you like the snow? I like the look of it and fluffiness but not when it turns to ice and gets slippery. 

Hope you like this tag =] 

Would love to know your answers. 

Love, Emma xxx

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