Monday, 22 August 2016

Livhelps Event

Hello Everyone =]
Saturday 20th at the Dough bar in Liverpool held Sammy's #livhelps event and I loved every second of it.

Trust me to get to the venue before everyone else, even Sammy haha at least I like being early and me and my mum did help Sammy out when she arrived so that was a bonus.

This event was more relaxed than the other two I had previously attended, it was nice seeing everyone again and meeting new people, I took some pictures of everyone/venue (bit blurry, sorry for that)

Raffle Table


There were also a bunch of tables with free stuff on there for us to take.

Goodie Bags =]

I tried to mingle with everyone, (sorry if i missed any of you out) and had a relaxed time. We did a raffle and I got 4 strips, I didn't win anything but my mum did and chose makeup that she had her eye on. 
My numbers

For any of you who haven't been the Dough bar I highly recommend it, nicest pizzas and I loved their gingerbread lattes, definitely going back, maybe for my birthday =]
 Hawaiian Pizza with House Fries

Every hot drink comes with a freddo =]

I had so much fun, and I miss everyone already. Sam did a great job and I hope to see everyone soon.

Also for anyone interested on what I was wearing on my nails:
940 - Rise & Shine

Look out for my next post, it will be about my goodie bag =]

Love, Emma xxx

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