Monday, 29 August 2016

My Purrfect Gift Box August Review

Hello Everyone =]
Got a shock when this was handed to me, wasn't expecting another one but I love it, this has to be my favourite subscription box ever, the crazy cat lady in me squeals every time I get one of these and I'm so very grateful.

Did I mention that this box is adorable?
This is everything I got

Cat products first:
Heart shaped treats and two catnip toys, which they all love, so that's a bonus =]

Now onto what I received:
 Cat vinyl sticker and art print

 Bracelet and hairband
 Bracelet charms

These have to be my favourite, I put them up with tape and they are subtle, its so nice at night =]

Loved this months box, you can get your own Here

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Don't forget to love your cat every single day =]

Love, Emma xxx

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