Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hello Everyone =]
My mood has been lifted since my last update post, the #LPPevent made me happy and I've been okay recently. I'm going to a new event this month so I'm excited for that, this next event is held at the same place the last one was, so i'm so excited for that. Just found out a couple of bloggers I haven't seen in a while are going, i cant wait to see them.

Got a few things to mention that have happened these past few months, so in no particular order:

This year, my Nan found a lump in her breast, she had it removed and had radiotherapy, she's okay, she gets tired faster but is still doing as much as she can, she didn't even tell her own sister that she had cancer because she didn't want to worry her.
Saying that her sister and husband were up this week from Kent, they used to live in Spain, I loved their house, went a couple of times on holiday there, can't believe it's been 5 years since I last saw them and seeing them this week felt like no time had past at all.

I had my first facial this month too, I had won a facial for me and 5 friends at the #LPPevent from the body shop. The lovely Michelle came to my house with her niece and did our facials. Bearing in mind, I don't like being touched, I did enjoy it, it was very relaxing and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I also purchased a new product which was one of the new masks, for my skin, I got the Himalayan clay mask. It's amazing, i prefer applying mine with a brush then using my make off mitt to exfoliate it into my skin before washing off.

I also ventured further out the house last week too, its been ages since I've been to my old stomping ground, so I packed a bag full of supplies and left. The only real reason I went is because there was two pokestops there haha but it was nice to go for a walk in this lovely weather and reminisce on memories i had experienced in my youth at that park. I sat on the field for a bit, taking in all its beauty and remembering being with my school friends, getting drunk, smoking, listening to music and having fun. (I miss it)
It also reminded me that I am lonely in my life, I lost my friends, I lost my confidence and now all I do is hide in my bubble, its really sad to think about.

Moving on, according to the weather, this is meant to be our hottest week, yes it's warm but the cool breeze makes it better to be in and the cats are loving it too.

Talking about Pokemon before, I am currently on level 7 and I chose team mystic, my area is a bit crap for pokemon so I've been going out mostly every day to try and catch more. Being in the car seems to work haha my legs can only take me far enough!

Dates i'm looking forward too:

20th August - #Livehelps Event
3rd September - Mococo Event
10th September - My Birthday
20th October - Lanzarote

Hope you like this update =]

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Love, Emma xxx

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