Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Enrolment Day =]

This morning i woke at 6am, 2 hours earlier than i was meant too but i think it was because of my nerves =]

Had a bit of a problem with doing my make up, took me 45 minutes to put foundation on and then i felt too covered and took it off =[ so my sister did my face and my mum did my hair, at least it took some pressure off me.

Me and my mum left the house at 10.30am and got there in 20 minutes so i had enough time to have a fag =] then we went into the main entrance and gave my name to the women on the desk and sat down, we were only seated for 25 minutes, which was good.
I gave her my exam results and she gave me a slip of paper to give to the next people to see.
The next woman we saw went through paperwork with us, told me that my course is 9.7 hours so i should be able to stay on my JSA (jobseekers allowance), fingers crossed =]
I also had to pay for my material fee and then i had my picture taken for my ID card.

Then me and my mum went to the beauty desk and asked when i had to buy and pay for my kits, the woman told us that i can order them when i come into college on the 3rd September along with buying my sash.

Also saw the finance team to find out about my bursary and the woman said that if i get all my receipts together then i get my money back for what I've paid for but i was also told that i don't have to pay for my kits because they can de-duct the price off my bursary which is good =] one thing i don't have to worry about.

Now all i need to get is my supplies, which i will be buying tomorrow =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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