Saturday, 17 November 2012


So today was commercial day at college and me and Emily shared a client, Emily did her manicure and i did her pedicure, it was okay but as she didn't want any treatment, i was a bit quick with the massage as i don't know all the routine but she gave me good feedback and she loved her pedicure =]

Managed to finish all the work in my folder =] and handed it in.

Also had another client for 2 pm so set up for pedicure, as it got to half 2, i was told by reception staff that they had rang her and she never answered so in the end she never pitched up, which i was a bit peeved about because id spent my time setting up and getting prepared.

Finished college early at half 4, which was good as the bus wasn't packed for once and i managed to get a seat.

So when i came home, i had some pasta for dinner then got straight in to bed, my nap was okay but my body is very achy.

So I'm not in college next Tuesday due to an iv day, which is okay because id rather not do maths and English haha

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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