Friday, 23 November 2012


Just a short blog.

So the reason i haven't written in a while is because i haven't really been doing much, been waiting for my glitters to arrive but they still haven't  which has made me a bit sad but I'm still waiting, i did get one package in the post which was my pack of 10 colour wheels, i wanted another colour pops display but they were too expensive so i bought 10 wheels for £4.99 which was a bargain off ebay =]

So this week i haven't really been doing much, on Monday i went to my fiancés  it was nice to see him and i had fun. Didn't have college on Tuesday due to our tutor checking over our work, been rather bored the rest of this week, didn't go to college today due to the fact that i didn't feel too good this morning =[ hate not going to college, I'm really bored at home and i miss my friends as well.

I'm kind of excited for tomorrow and i hope the rain doesn't stop us going, my mums friend is going to pick us up and take us to this Christmas market in the village =] even though i wont be able to buy anything, I'm still going to take my camera to take some pictures =]

I have no idea when il be doing my Christmas shopping, me and my mum our putting our money together to get presents because i cant afford it by myself. This Christmas will be a cheap one haha =]

So hopefully next time when i write, it will be better =]

Will write soon, Emyii xxx

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