Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Currently Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

I saw this tag on Petal Poppet Blogs

Well it has been a while since I've done one and I love doing tags =]

Let's get started =]

MakingCard designs in my head.
Cooking: Nothing but im hungry right now.
DrinkingBottled water.
Reading: Blog posts on bloglovin.
WantingCappuccino flapjacks =]
LookingAt the new clothes that asda has.
Playing: Farm town.
Wasting: Time.
Wishing: I was some where else.
EnjoyingMy privacy.
Waiting: For the kettle to boil.
Watching: Greys anatomy.
Liking: Pinterest.
Wondering: When I can be myself again. 
Loving: My cats.
Hoping: That I can be happy one day.
Needing: Food.
Wearing: My pyjamas.
NoticingThat its 1.35am.
KnowingMore than I should.
ThinkingAbout my life.
Giggling: At cat videos. 

Hope you like this post =] 

Would love to know your answers too? 

Feel free to follow and comment. 

Will write soon, Emma xxx

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