Friday, 15 May 2015

Update =]

Hello Everyone =]

Anyone else excited for this? She looks stunning =]

Any who, I had my first dental sedation on Wednesday and it went okay, this time round, I didn't sleep, i was actually awake and knew what was happening. I had 2 teeth removed, one on each side. I've been hurting since, its rather more discomfort than pain as I'm taking painkillers. 
It's been hard to sleep as both my cheeks ache and I have to be on soft foods for the time being. 
I think ill be eating rusks from now on haha just so my wounds can heal properly. I have another dental appointment in June, to fix the rest of my teeth and then after my mouth has fully healed, i can try and chew again then finger crossed ill be able to get a dental plate so i can chew properly. 

Nothing much has been going on, I recently purchased a paper guillotine for my card making and hoping to make a start soon. 

My poor fur babies have been ill this past week, first Bella and now Sheldon, its just the sneezes but I'm keeping a close eye on them just in case it turns into something worse. Plus i kinda like the fact that Sheldon is being really cuddly with me and wanting to be stroked. 

I hope you are all well =] 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

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