Sunday, 31 May 2015

May Favourites =]

Hello Everyone =]

This is my very first favourites post and I want to continue to do this every month, these posts are going to be about anything, more the variety, the better =]


My first favourite of this past month has to be Netflix! I'm so glad that I decided to purchase it. We have recently moved to virgin TV and don't get many channels but having netflix on the TV is so much better, I'm able to watch things I've never seen. I love it. 
Any who this month, I decided to watch Heroes. 

I watched it when it was first televised in 2009 but missed the last two seasons. It was nice to watch it all together and understand what happened towards the end. I'm so looking forward to heroes reborn and hope it comes to netflix soon =]
If you have never heard of Heroes, its about a bunch of ordinary people who have powers. It keeps you on edge and i have cried multiple times haha. 

Next up is what I've been watching on TV. 

This program is the one i love overall so it had to be in this post and it is Greys Anatomy!

I've been watching this since it came on TV in 2005 and have loved every episode. 
For anyone who has never heard of it (I'll be shocked if you haven't) it is about a hospital and the lives of the residents and patients. 
Here in the UK, season 11 has just finished and Omg i cried! They killed off a main character, there was a lot of uproar about it over the internet but I've never cried so much in my life, you get to know the characters and every season has made me cry but i cant wait til its back. 


The good thing about virgin TV is that there is a YouTube app so I've been listening to loads of music. 
I loved eurovision this month, so I've been listening to a lot of old and new eurovision songs. I'm slightly obsessed with Russia's entry from this year and I know all the words already haha 

Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices 

Such a good song haha =]

Also have been listening to Loreen (she wont eurovision in 2012) I love her voice and her music, her heal album is amazing.

If you don't like female metal singers, id look away now haha I think metal music has to be my guilty pleasure but this one woman does have a good voice and I'm obsessed with this song. The band is called In This Moment. 

The one song I have been playing constantly has to be Bad Blood By Taylor Swift =]
Amazing song, amazing video! Enjoy!


As I have a Nokia Lumia phone, there's not much choice in "popular" games but I downloaded this game and its so addictive. I mostly play it before bed as it tires me out haha check it out if you want. 


As I've had teeth removed, I've had to be on soft foods this month so I've been loving rusks, weetabix, microwavable beef stew & dumplings, chicken noodles, ice cream and chocolate haha =] I love chocolate. I have also been drinking so much water, but its good for you so i see no harm. 

And the last thing I have been loving is Twitter, its great, I love being able to share anything I want and to talk to other bloggers. 
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I'm always on twitter and I don't mind a chat.

Hope you liked this post, comment on this post if you want to see me do one every month =] 

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Will write soon, Emma xxx

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