Sunday, 19 July 2015

Four Things Tag =]

Hello Everyone =]

I saw this tag on Underland to wonderland, I did have to change the first two as they don't appeal to me, so lets get to it.

Four of my favourite animals

  • Cats 
  • Birds of prey
  • Quokka 
  • Foxes

Four facts about me

  • Cardcaptors is my favourite anime
  • I cant tell the time
  • I'm 24 years old
  • I'd rather watch an action film than a girly romance one

Four things I don't eat

  • Beans
  • Salad
  • Mushrooms 
  • Fish (except prawns)

Four of my favourite foods

  • Prawns 
  • Pop tarts 
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate 

Four movies ive watched more than once

  • The fifth element 
  • Face off
  • Iron man 1, 2 & 3
  • My neighbour totoro

Four tv shows i watch

  • Vampire diaries 
  • Greys anatomy 
  • Lost girl 
  • Lost

Four things im looking forward to this year
  • My 25th Birthday 
  • Getting help with my aspergers 
  • Christmas 
  • Boxing day

Four things i cant live without

  • Mum
  • Cats
  • Laptop
  • Food

Four places ive visited 

  • Spain
  • Wales
  • Canary Islands
  • England

Four pet peeves

  • Loud noises
  • Holographic pictures
  • Talking over films 
  • Being ignored

Four things i wish i could do

  • Provide for my family more
  • Draw/paint
  • Not be a failure 
  • Cook

Four subjects i studied at school

  • Photography
  • Geography
  • IT
  • Biology

Four things near me right now

  • Sheldon
  • TV remote
  • Kindle
  • Phone

Hope you like this tag, I tag you all to do it =]

Will write soon, Emma xxx

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