Monday, 14 September 2015

Extended Birthday =]

Hello Everyone =]

On Saturday, my final present arrived off my mum and I was so shocked and happy with it =]

This is the cutest stitch ever =] 

I went shopping on Saturday and spent my birthday money, I got 2 t-shirts in grey and blue, a coral vest top, navy blue jogging pants and a black hooded jacket. I also bought a bedding set. 

On Sunday, I went out for a meal with my dad, his wife, and both of my sisters. I booked an Italian tapas restaurant called Pesto at Dibbinsdale. 
It was very nice. You choose 3 dishes for £8.95 per person, bargain! 
I had carbonara, caesar salad and pepperoni pizza. Then decided on a trio of desserts. The nicest cheesecake I've ever had =]

I also got £30 gift card for Amazon and £30 cash, I'm sure I will show you what I buy in another post. 

Had a lovely day and I'm happy how my birthday turned out in the end =] 

Will write soon, Emma xxx

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